Monday, February 18, 2013

Cher sees both members of her swan couple.

Cher reports that Sunday, she saw both Gus and Gina, the swan couple who have been her long time swan friends, together.

She had been concerned that the protection she had left for them had been destroyed and neither the couple nor their two offspring were there to be seen. These swans had lived for quite some time on a tributary flowing into Boston Harbor at a location near the Chelsea - Revere, MA line.

Destruction of protection for free animals is highly common on property belonging to the Department of Conservation and Recreation. They lived on DCR property. DCR property is where their protection was destroyed.

The DCR manager at Magazine Beach on the Charles River in Cambridge, MA, USA has publicly bragged that he is starving the Charles River White Geese through the bizarre wall Cambridge and the DCR have built and permitted to grow between the Magazine Beach playing fields and the Charles River. The DCR manager has repeatedly lied that he is not “harming” the Charles River White Geese and has no intention to “harm” them. The lie comes in his bizarre, and secret, definition of “harm.” The fine print of the DCR plans call for no animals to reside on the Charles River Basin. Their actions routinely harm resident animals “incidental” to whatever there are doing. The Cambridge Machine, as part of their non stop lies on environmental issues, praises the alleged environmental sainthood of the DCR pretty much as often as they praise the environmental sainthood of the unanimous environmental destroyers on the Cambridge City Council.

Cher has been a strong supporter of the Charles River White Geese but has not been getting around as much as she would like in recent weeks.

Cher saw Gus by himself a few days ago. Seeing Gina with Gus was a great relief although both look bedraggled. They were by a public sidewalk.

The current location of their offspring is unknown, but it certainly is possible that the offspring left for better weather elsewhere.