Sunday, February 17, 2013

“Fair Play” Cambridge, MA, USA Style

A gentleman by the name of Paul Steven Stone has been communicating extensively about the “plans” being bandied about by what passes for planning discussion in Cambridge, MA, USA. He is distressed at the nonsense concerning Central Square in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Chronicle published an extended analysis by him on the oped page in the February 14, 2013 hard copy, page A11.

The editor included editorial multiple responses correcting the writer’s comments.

What is striking about this is that the immediately preceding week, the Cambridge Chronicle published a blatantly misleading report in that same location by a woman who for 15 years has been fighting for destruction of the Alewife reservation in Cambridge. She has been using a fake group which she created which claims to be friends of Alewife.

The game, as is normal with Cambridge Machine operations, is to tell people to look at everything except what counts. This is called a company union. This woman has spent 14 or 15 years fighting for the totally avoidable and irresponsible destruction in the public ownership majority of the irreplaceable Alewife woodlands by telling people to look at longshot fights against private owners and not look at the totally avoidable and completely irresponsible public destruction.

The one time she has deviated from this fraudulent behavior was in a letter to the editor in which she bragged about the public destruction which was accomplished in October - November 2011.

The Cambridge Chronicle has devoted the first page of its second section at least twice to beautiful photos of this fraudulent group “fighting” for the long shot and telling people not to look at the winnable fight against her political friends.

I have provided the Cambridge Chronicle with photos of the destruction this fake group has succeeded in obtaining and the photos have been ignored.

The bizarreness is that by fighting the longshot fights and telling people not to fight for the really achievable goals of preventing totally irresponsible destruction by Cambridge and the DCR, this organization is really fighting for total destruction.

So yet again, last week, the Cambridge Chronicle published another fraudulent claim by this woman of “defending” Alewife by fighting the long shot fight. The Chronicle did not include any editorial comments about her long standing fraud.

But with regard to Paul Steven Stone’s comments, the Chronicle has included correction after correction after correction to his comments.

What does that say about the Cambridge Chronicle?