Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Documentation to Governor Patrick: Mass Tree Destruction Bond Bill, Charles River

1. General.
2. Governor Patrick and Secretary Davy.
3. Cambridge, MA, USA City Council.

1. General.

Yesterday, March 25, 2013, I mailed the plans of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation for destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive. This destruction is very clearly part of the bond bill which has been submitted to the legislature by Governor Deval Patrick of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, USA.

The standard routine of the people we are dealing with, and Patrick is dealing with, features flat out lies and lies of omission.

It is entirely possible that Patrick has been lied to.

His email form contact is http://www.mass.gov/governor/constituentservices/contact/.

The following is the letter by which I sent these materials to Patrick and MassDOT Secretary Davy. MassDOT managers have been a saving grace in the outrageously destruction situation in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

Secretary Davy is a member of a habitat group. I recall that my written question to him at his MoveMass presentation was warped beyond meaning by the moderator, who “read” the question. I asked Davy how he comports his habitat group membership to the heartless destruction of animal habitat on the Charles River with the “underpass” assistance, along with (and not specifically mentioned in the question) associated greater heartless abuse of the Charles River White Geese. The chair warped the question into praise for Davy’s protection of the environment. Business as usual with the kind of people we deal with.

The following are, first, my transmittal to Governor Patrick and Secretary Davy; then the further transmittal to the Cambridge City Council. Patrick and Davy were each provided a copy of the Cambridge letter and about 15 pages of DCR plans for tree destruction.

2. Governor Patrick and Secretary Davy.


I have received the following notice from a group which falsely calls itself the Charles River “Conservancy.” The brackets constitute my modification in the name of accuracy. The comment is buried in a much longer communication.

As our legislative leaders prioritize investment decisions, now is the time to let them know that their constituents [oppose environmental destruction included in the Patrick budget]. Governor Patrick's proposed bond bill includes a $2 million line-item for construction of bridge underpasses on the Charles, as well as over $24 million for the paths.

Please be advised that there is a serious problem with flat out lies and lies of omission practiced by the DCR, Cambridge and their friends in their actions for environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse / killing.

This outrage is also exemplified in their ongoing destruction of the Alewife Reservation using a different fake group as front there.

Please note that your bond bill is for $2 million for bridge underpasses and $24 million “for the paths.”

That is one very major multiple of 12 going from what should be (and is not) a larger project to a smaller.

The reality is that the project includes usual heartless animal abuse plus the destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.

Enclosed are their tree destruction plans. Some of the smaller trees being destroyed are perhaps 50 years old. They are a magnificent grove of 105 trees at the Memorial drive split. Destruction targets approximately 80 to 85 of them.

The DCR previously sought Obama moneys for this outrage. The flat out lie at that time was that all of the targeted trees were diseased. That flat out lie was disproved by their filing with the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

The project would further decimate the habitat of the 32 year resident, very valuable and very popular gaggle of the Charles River White Geese. The DCR and Cambridge have been deliberately starving them through bizarre aspects of the Magazine Beach project, aspects which were achieved through flat out lies in their supposed master plan. They walled off Magazine Beach with a master plan calling for a lawn to the river. The key manager has emphasized their value by his non stop lying of “no intent to harm.” He has publicly bragged that he is starving them.

The secret fine print of the DCR plans call for killing off all animals in the Charles River Basin by their definition of “parkland.”

You reversed responsible members of your team by allowing space to be left open for the “underpasses” which did not mentioned the outrageous environmental destruction and continuing heartless animal abuse. I hope you will rejoin those responsible members.

3. Cambridge, MA, USA City Council.

City Clerk
City of Cambridge
795 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139

Dear Donna:

Please transmit the enclosed to the Cambridge City Council in the Communications part of its next regular meeting.

This is a copy of my letter to the Governor and MassDOT objecting to their joining the Cambridge City Council in its environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

The attachment to the letter is a tree by tree presentation of the excellent trees the Cambridge City Council is destroying on Memorial Drive.

Very brief mention is made of the Cambridge City Council’s already accomplished and increasing mass destruction of irreplaceable woods and the killing of hundreds or more its animals of the Alewife Reservation as part of that bizarre project

I realize that the Cambridge City Council has little use for reality with regard to its environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse / killing. I happen to live in reality.