Sunday, March 24, 2013

Railroad Workers make their outrage worse at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

At the beginning of the year, I reported on railroad workers working on the Grand Junction Bridge and using the Destroyed Nesting Area as a parking lot. That lasted five weeks.

Recently, Shashi and I reported on their irresponsible return.

Today, March 24, 2013, I was at the Nesting Area of the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese on the north side of the Charles River, in Cambridge, MA, USA, bounded on the west by the BU Bridge, on the north by an on ramp to Memorial Drive and on the east by the Grand Junction railroad tracks.

There were about six vehicles in the environmentally sensitive part of the Destroyed Nesting Area, none with corporate markings. These are the type of vehicles which were parked under the nearby Memorial Drive, where responsible people park, the workers on the BU Bridge project.

The portapotties in the environmentally sensitive area have doubled.

A fairly large metal workroom of the type which could be a truck carrier of shipments has been dumped under the largest tree, the most important part of the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The metal workroom is being used as a very noisy workshop. Not the slightest concern is shown for the needs of the animal residents.

This type of work area was placed under Memorial Drive by responsible people, but the responsible people were not making such ungodly noise.

Female Charles River White Geese are doing their best to nest within range of that ungodly racket. They are barred from most of their 32 year habitat by a bizarre wall barring access to the banks of the Charles consisting of introduced bushes which have been left to grow and grow. Similar plantings now occupy half to two-thirds of the Destroyed Nesting Area.

Massachusetts has an irresponsible state government, multiplied by the fact that they are fellow travelers with an equally reprehensible city government. Both do non stop lying that they are environmental saints.

Nobody below the governor is fit to talk to. His contact URL is