Saturday, March 23, 2013

Fake Neighborhood Association trying to get destruction on the Charles by preventing input. Suggested response.

1. Standard Machine Tactics.
2. Announcement of the fake “Conservancy.”
3. The obvious interpretation.
4. Suggested action.

1. Standard Machine Tactics.

The Cambridge Machine in Cambridge, MA, USAis a typical company union.

The game is, at minimum, to prevent positive action, and if they can get away with it, reenforce destructive behavior.

In January this fake group tried to ram through approval for expansion of environmental destruction from Magazine Beach on the Charles River to the west, expanding the outrage at Magazine Beach which they have spent years lying does not exist.

They were faced with a highly restive meeting in which they could not ram through the irresponsible initiative.

Things were deferred to the next monthly meeting.

No monthly meeting was conducted in February.

No monthly meeting was conducted in March.

They announced a monthly meeting in the beginning of April. Then put it off to the end of the month.

2. Announcement of the fake “Conservancy.”

Yesterday, the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” announced that Governor Patrick is seeking bond authorization for massive destruction on the Charles River, as follows (substituting responsible language in the brackets):

As our legislative leaders prioritize investment decisions, now is the time to let them know that their constituents [oppose environmental destruction included in the Patrick budget]. Governor Patrick's proposed bond bill includes a $2 million line-item for construction of bridge underpasses on the Charles, as well as over $24 million for the paths.

3. The obvious interpretation.

I posted my analysis of the governor’s actions at

This irresponsible highway was included in the January package which could not get the votes.

The last thing the Cambridge Machine is interested in is fair play.

The fake neighborhood association is deliberately preventing a vote so that nothing will interfere with funds from what is now appearing to be an extremely irresponsible governor.

An extremely irresponsible governor, unless the governor has been lied to. And the situation on the Charles River and at Alewife has been notable for bad faith including outright lies and lies of omission.

4. Suggested action.

I am in the process of giving the governor the 15 page plans for destruction of much more than a hundred excellent trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge. These are the ones the DCR lied were all diseased when they sought Obama moneys to destroy them. Then they put in the records of the Cambridge Conservation Commission the exact opposite with regard to the condition of the targeted trees.

If you would like to communicate with the governor of Massachusetts about how the local fake neighborhood association is working to prevent public input, his email form is at

Including the heartless and accelerating animal abuse of the Charles River White Geese, the poisons dumped on Magazine Beach to keep alive introduced sickly grass in place of healthy grass which lasted the better part of the last Century, the walling off of Magazine Beach from the Charles River, the decrease in size of the playing fields to drain off the poisons, the closing of the boat docks, the ongoing extension of the bush wall to the last habitat of the Charles River White Geese, the use of the most sensitive part of their last refuge for parking with responsible parking readily available, etc. would help.

Putting things in perspective with the mass animal killings and bizarre environmental destruction at Alewife would make sense as well.

There is so much rot going on that communications could get very long. Concise would probably communicate more, if well written.

Remember, the last thing you should assume about the Cambridge Machine, the City of Cambridge, and their friends in state government is “They would never stoop so low.” They have proved that wrong so many times.