Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Harvard’s Disappearing Affordable Housing, the Charles River, and the Cambridge City Council

1. Introduction, Charles River.
2. State Representative / City Councilor Participation., Decker v. the Adults in the Room.
3. Tactics refreshed. Women’s Rights. Animal rights.
4. Response of decent human beings to the morality of Cambridge.
5. Summary.
6. The Adults in the Room.

1. Introduction, Charles River.

This is the third of four reports which stem out of a meeting concerning the future of Harvard University’s massive elderly building at 2 Mount Auburn Street, at the extreme eastern end of East Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA.

My first report was a general report. My second went into my experiences and the good I have done in this part of the world. This report will go into the Cambridge City Council impact. The next report will go into an analysis of the apparent legalities and of the Cambridge City Solicitor.

Ever since I started working on the increasing outrage on the Charles River, it has been amazing just how broad the impact of the situation is.

Harvard is selling the elderly units, it would appear, because Harvard’s massive purchases of transportation property have made this elderly housing building of no value to Harvard for expansion of Harvard affiliated housing. The massive purchase of the I90 (Mass. Turnpike) Cambridge / Brighton exit, the highway, and the rail yards gives Harvard so much room to play with that Harvard no longer needs this building.

2. State Representative / City Councilor Participation., Decker v. the Adults in the Room.

It was striking contrasting the comments of Decker to those of the adults in the room.

Decker insisted that the building was permanently protected for the use by the elderly, and that Cambridge would sue and sue and sue to ensure that.

The adults in the room, the Cambridge Housing Authority representative and Harvard University, insisted that the greatest further guarantee possible for the residents would be 30 years.

3. Tactics refreshed. Women’s Rights. Animal rights.

One of the big lies which come out of Cambridge City Councilors, particularly Decker, is that they are pro women’s rights.

Less than a week before this meeting, Decker put on a show at the nearby Cambridge College telling women what their rights are. Does not that make her pro Women’s Rights?

This is the usual cynical lie coming out the Cambridge City Council and the Cambridge Machine.

Decker has a very real and very rotten record on women’s rights: Malvina Monteiro, Malvina Monteiro, Malvina Monteiro.

The Cambridge City Manager destroyed the life of Malvina Monteiro because she had the nerve to filed a women’s rights / civil rights complaint.

The standard lie of the fake groups on the destruction of the environment is the same as Decker’s lie on women’s rights: don’t look at my record, look at how great I sound yelling at the other guy.

And Decker’s sue, sue, sue mentality is very strongly reminiscent of Monteiro. A Globe columnist commented that Cambridge had fought that woman beyond the point of all common sense.

What Decker did to Monteiro was the tactics of a bully. These tactics were used by the Cambridge Machine in their fight to destroy Corporal Burns Playground. Their strongest argument was that they were beating up the little guy, the working class folk who were trying to save their playground.

This is also the sick argument for all the destruction at Magazine Beach: don’t look at their dumping of poisons on the banks of the Charles River; don’t look at their walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles River; don’t look at the decrease in size of the playing fields to drain off the poisons; don’t look at their destruction of perfectly good grass to put in sickly stuff which needs poisons to survive; don’t look at the magnificence of the irreplaceable gaggle of the Charles River White Geese, loved by decent human beings.

Don’t look at the fact that ALL of the outrages have been achieved through lies of omission and flat out lies.

Look at the fact that they are heartlessly abusing the Charles River White Geese. The Charles River White Geese are the little guy and they as bullies have every right to heartlessly abuse beautiful, valuable animals.

Part of the sickness of Decker and her friends on the Cambridge City Council was shown when a woman was raped and murdered at the Destroyed Nesting Area. This happened where the murderer had apparently been beating to death nesting mother geese, clearly emboldened by the mistreatment of these beautiful animals by city, state and friends.

Decker and her friends had been begged by decent people to do something about the goose killings. Decker and her friends responded with the silence of the guilty. And when the obvious happened, when their copycat graduated to a human being, Decker and her friends spent an hour talking about the rape and the murder.

In their hour discussion, Decker and her friends on the Cambridge City Council just did not want to know where that murder happened apparently, that it happened where the nut had apparently been killing mother geese, to their silent blessing.

And when the reprehensible Councilor Davis mentioned the location, she swallowed her words, looked around guiltily, and returned to the nonsense from Decker and company.

4. Response of decent human beings to the morality of Cambridge.

Decker and her friends’ contempt for reality is based on living in a protective world in which a rotten organization runs around praising them no matter how vile the real record.

Trial judge and jury and appeals court panel reviewed Cambridge’s destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro because she filed a women’s rights / civil rights complaint.

Trial judge and jury and appeals court panel expressed the disgust that decent people have when dealing with a situation such as that in the City of Cambridge.

The jury awarded $1.1 million real damages and $3.5 million PENAL damages. They awarded penal damages more than three times the size of the actual damages, an essentially unheard of multiple. The jury expressed very strong contempt for Cambridge, and this is very much normal to people independently exposed to the Cambridge outrage. The trial judge wrote an excellent opinion.

The appeals court panel show their contempt for the rotten situation in Cambridge by refusing to dignify their appeal with a formal opinion.

They explicitly and very clearly condemned the Cambridge City Manager.

5. Summary.

Exact zero members of the Cambridge City Council have initiated action which would be appropriate in the Monteiro situation. Exactly zero members of the Cambridge City Council have sought to fire the Cambridge City Manager because he has been found by judge, jury and appeals court panel to be truly rotten.

And Decker’s response? The usual nonsense.

She puts on a show on how she would stand up to the other guy and keeps her rottenness secret.

And she tells the folks at 2 Mt. Auburn that she would sue and sue and sue, the typical bully, the defendant in the Monteiro case. Cambridge is the big guy.

Monteiro was the little guy. She got the tactics of bullies. Whoever buys 2 Mt. Auburn will be smaller than Cambridge, so Cambridge will gets its way with the tactics of bullies, according to the promises of Decker.

6. The Adults in the Room.

And the adults in the room said she does not have a case.