Sunday, March 10, 2013

More detail on the Alewife Outrage, Cambridge, MA, USA

The fake “neighborhood association” has released a new plan of the area next to the Alewife reservation where flood storage should be if Cambridge, MA had a responsible government. If the irresponsible government did not have these fake groups telling people to look at everything else, the city government which should be taking the underground areas by eminent domain and developing flood storage as part of the coming buildings.

Instead, with the Cambridge Machine’s invaluable assistance, it looks like the entire Alewife Reservation could be destroyed and its animals whose families have resided there for Centuries killed.

First, here is a map of the overall area as part of the plans for the project at 160 CambridgePark Drive which should be built in coordination with flood storage.

The trees in the area marked “Alewife Brook Reservation” have been destroyed. To be more exact, the area of destruction is as wide as the letters but shifted slightly left.

The yellow structure just above the wide grey stretch running right and left is the 160 CambridgePark Drive project. The wide grey area is the railroad right of way. The thin grey area just above the project is CambridgePark Drive.

The building between 160 CambridgePark Drive and the destroyed area is the next stage of condo development. This is not in the ground. It should be developed with flood storage below it.

To the right of the yellow 160 CambridgePark Drive is a massive parking lot extending to Alewife Brook Parkway and getting very deep toward Fresh Pond Parkway.

Here are photos of the current destruction.

The 2d stage condo construction is to the right of the camera in the destruction photos.

The massive trees in the background used to fill the area of destruction. They, except for token undestroyed trees, will very likely be destroyed if flood storage is not responsibly provided under the nearby properties.

The is the former status of 160 CambridgePark Drive.

Here is the plan just released by the fake “neighborhood association”.

The nearest part of the second stage condo project is shown as the flat building at the top left of this plan. It will be a lot larger than that one building.

160 CambridgePark Drive before construction is at the left. The building next to it is shown in the photo of prior conditions.

Stage 3 condos, 130 CambridgePark Drive, will go in the middle bottom. The massive parking lots to the right of stage 3 will not be touched by this latest building, but you are going very far in the destruction.

The reality is that the developer of 160 and 130, Richard McKinnon, is building flood storage under both buildings.

If Cambridge had a responsible city government and did not have these fake groups running protection for it, McKinnon’s flood storage would be deeper and would be everywhere under the parking lots and under the phase 2 and 3 condos. It is too late for phase 1.

But Cambridge has a very destructive city government which stays in power because of lies put and con games by The Cambridge Machine and its front organizations.

So, instead of responsible protection against flooding, Cambridge, MA, USA is on its way to apparent total destruction of the Alewife reservation with mass killings of animals whose families have resided there for Centuries.

And it is all hidden by a bunch of lies.