Monday, April 22, 2013

Businesses supporting Environmental Destroyer in the name of Earth Day

As bad as the environmental situation is in Cambridge, MA, USA, a very big part of the problem is fake groups flying under false colors, and the people or business which keep them going with their money.

One of the worst is the falsely named Charles River “Conservancy” which has been on the wrong side of pretty much all recent organized destruction on the Charles River that I am aware of.

I have just received a second email seeking the funds of well meaning people who think they are defending the environment by supporting this group. Their pitch on April 18, 2013 read:


On Earth Day, Monday, April 22nd, the Charles River Conservancy is partnering with four other parks organizations to raise funds and awareness for our urban parklands. Over 40 businesses will donate 5% of their sales from the day to support the work of the Charles River Conservancy, the Emerald Necklace Conservancy, the Friends of the Public Garden, the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy, and The Esplanade Association.

That means that this Earth Day, you can donate to your favorite urban parklands organizations while eating ice cream, drinking coffee, enjoying a burrito, or going out for a date-night dinner!

Below is just a sample of some of the businesses supporting the Conservancy:
Participating Businesses:

Henrietta's Table
FiRE + iCE in Harvard Square
OTTO Pizza in Harvard Square
Veggie Planet
Veggie Galaxy
JP Licks at their Harvard Square, Berklee, Charles Street, and Jamaica Plain locations
Boloco in Harvard Square and at Northeastern

Please check out the Give5Boston website for a full list of participating businesses.


As usual, it is impossible to tell if any of the people quoted know what they are really doing, whether they just do not care, or whether they are really bad fellow travelers. But they are seeking funds for this destructive group. They had better care because by doing so, they are telling people this group is worthy of respect if you are pro environment, and they are helping a very bad cause.

In addition, however, I severely question the supposedly protective groups which are aligned with this destructive entity. They are giving this fake “conservancy” credibility by joining with it in this cause. Are these groups any better or worse than the CRC? The reasonable interpretation, and the interpretation the CRC is implying is that all are in the same boat.

Not a nice situation.


For only one report providing details concerning this destroyer, please see There are many such reports on this blog.