Friday, April 19, 2013

Photos of the Outrage, Charles River, Destroyed Nesting Area, Memorial Drive, MA, USA

I have been properly chastised on not including photos with my report on visit to the two construction zones, at

One problem is use of an analog camera with related delays in processing, but here are a few photos from my files which may help.

[1511 03-18-13 DNA]

This is a photo of one of the company vehicles leaving the Destroyed Nesting Area on March 18.

The brick structure running through the middle of the photo is Memorial Drive.

Most of the structure visible in this shot IS NOT UNDER REPAIR. The white body on the left side of the photo is a wall at the eastern edge of the BU Bridge. As you look at the Memorial Drive structure, you can see just to the right of the end of this wall a tree with a moderately wide support behind it. When I visited, there was a protected tunnel / pedestrian way to the right of this support. The way is approximately two people wide. Every thing to the right of this narrow pedestrian way is available for use by the irresponsible state government for parking and management of track repairs, including the irresponsible building. The area available runs more than half the width of the photo.

[1907 - 2203]

Here are four more pictures of the outrage as it existed on March 24. It really has changed little. My report was that they had replaced the metal working area with a smaller one. On looking at these pictures, I am not at all positive that the metal structure does not continue to be there.

In each of these three pictures, you can see the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese overwhelmed by the continuing outrage in what is their Nesting Area.

The continued irresponsibility is consistent with the governor seeking a $2 million and a $24 million bond authorization from the legislature for (1) the bizarre “underpass” project which has been rejected by the department in question and his seeking (2) environmental destruction, heartless animal abuse, and destruction of hundreds of trees related to the “underpass” project and kept secret in all public discussions of the project.

I have posted my exchange with the governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at

The governor’s form email contact is:

The email addresses for members of the state legislature are posted at

Do not try to check out the situation at the Destroyed Nesting Area for the time being. The lockdown in the hunt for the second of the marathon bombers will interfere with visits to the area.

I would anticipate that it will still be possible to feed the Charles River White Geese to correct for the fact that the state and city governments are deliberately starving them.

Thank you in advance for whatever you can do.