Monday, May 13, 2013

Cambridge, MA, USA, Machine: Look at our historical building; don’t look at our massive environmental destruction.

1. Con Game conducted Saturday.
2. My detailed report on lies of love for the Charles River.
3. Reality.

1. Con Game conducted Saturday.

Last Saturday, May 11, 2013, the Cambridge Machine demonstrated the other side of its shell game on the Charles River.

You will recall my reports a few weeks ago, at and at of the corrupt tactics used to obtain “support” for massive destruction on the Charles River. The Cambridge Machine conducted a meeting in January in which they attempted to obtain support for expansion of the irresponsible destruction at the Magazine Beach playing fields. There were a lot of objections and there was a very good probability that they would lose an honest vote.

So they stole the vote. They postponed action to the February meeting, held the February meeting on April 23, 2013, delayed action until the last ten minutes of the meeting, and kept the contents of the incredibly complicated “vote” secret until then. They then took a "vote" of an audience from which they had driven concerned folks and stacked with robots and stacked with people who did not know what was going on and who could care less.

Last Saturday, they lied that they are decent, responsible human beings.

2. My detailed report on lies of love for the Charles River.

To quote my report of April 26, with one typo correction, on the corruption of April 23:


The Machine has started to proclaim its love for the Charles River / Magazine Beach. It insists that people who do the same follow its orders and do nothing else. Although they claim they want to be made aware of problems.

Following orders translates as supporting renovation of one building. Following orders translates as pretending the real problems do not exist:

● walling off the Charles from the playing fields with bizarre introduced bushes,

● destruction of healthy grass which survived for the better part of a century without poisons;

● replacement of the healthy grass with sickly stuff that requires poisons;

● destruction of playing field acreage to drain off poisons to keep alive the sickly grass;

● deliberate starvation of the 32 year resident Charles River White Geese, confining them in a tiny area which has been further destroyed with introduction of bushes which look like they will grow into another wall; use of the rest of the area for parking, and plans for two highways through it.

● plans for an east-west highway which will destroy hundreds of trees, habitat, wetlands and the Charles. This was sold as “underpasses.” The “underpasses” are opposed by MassDOT. Governor Patrick seeks $26 million in bond authorization; and

● destruction of boat docking.

The Machine’s “neighborhood association” has now tried to ram through expansion of this outrage to the hill to the west of the playing fields and the wetlands behind the swimming pool, along with destruction of the little guy’s parking lot needed by a picnic area on the hill.

The Machine could not get a favorable vote to expand destruction in their January meeting. Pretty much all of that meeting was devoted to project discussion. It included much negative response from people in the audience.

So the Machine deferred the matter to their February meeting which in corrupt practices, was conducted on April 23, two months late, driving away the folks who showed up in January. A “vote” was conducted on a complicated motion which was kept secret until ten minutes before the end of the meeting. This complicated motion had fine print which blesses the destruction subject to meaningless “protections.”

Corrupt practices were needed to get “support” for expansion of outrages at Magazine Beach which were put in place in secret in the first place, This is sold as beneficial and inevitable?


3. Reality.

Last Saturday was the rest of the lie.

The Cambridge Machine were showing off their lovely historical building and keeping secret the irresponsible destruction they are fighting for as part of the package.

To put this in perspective, during the last week, the police chief of the City of Worcester, MA, has publicly referred to the City of Cambridge, MA, as “barbarians.”

Then there is judge, jury and appeals court in the Monteiro case, where the City of Cambridge was found guilty of destroying a woman’s life in retaliation for her filing a civil rights complaint defending the rights of women employees. The words of judge, jury, and appeals court were: “reprehensible,” “ample evidence . . . of outrageous misbehavior,” and, very loudly from the jury, penal damages exceeding three time actual damages.

The destruction on the Charles River is part of an outrageous pattern.

The heartless animal abuse on the Charles River is part of a pattern.

The corruption through which the City of Cambridge and the Cambridge Machine act is part of a pattern.

Reality in Cambridge, MA, is not the shell games through which destructive people lie about themselves.

Reality in Cambridge, MA, is not the non stop “holier than thou” lies the Cambridge Machine spouts about themselves while hiding reality.

Reality is objective viewing by responsible human beings of a corrupt situation.