Sunday, October 27, 2013

Boston, MA, USA City Council / Mayor Candidates

I try to keep the facebook pages directly on point with regard to environmental matters.

The only big problem member who has not been thrown off the list is a woman whom I think is a legislator. She has several times put in posts which I have immediately deleted as irrelevant.

She has posted the following notice which I have not deleted.

I have posted the following comment of explanation:


I am leaving this posted because, I see exactly zero candidates running for Cambridge City Council in whom I have any environmental confidence.

All incumbents plus one school committee member running for city council have filthy hands on environmental matters, period.

In contrast, at least, the outgoing Mayor of Boston is a person for whom I have a lot more respect than any of the Cambridge incumbents.

That is not to say that I do not have major concerns about the empire building in the Allston neighborhood of Boston, but, oddly, the worst of the stuff has been transplanted to the Cambridge side.

I think, in part, that the situation is directly influenced by the massive organization in place in Cambridge using totalitarian techniques to lie to the voters that very bad people are worthy of respect.


On reading this posting, I note that the sponsors do not include the Sierra Club. The Boston Sierra Club is clearly heavily influence by the very destructive Cambridge Machine, and have repeatedly endorsed irresponsible people for Cambridge City Council.

I have also been aware of people representing the Sierra Club regurgitating a key flat out lie put out by the City of Cambridge concerning route options in the mass transit proposal known as the Urban Ring.

The Boston Sierra Club has made itself part of the problem.