Monday, August 11, 2014

Update on the Memorial Drive Tree destruction bill

Update on the Memorial Drive Tree destruction bill.

I have done a detailed run through the pending items on the Governor’s Desk.  It turns out that the Memorial Drive Tree destruction has become H4375.  Its description does not have any connection to bills we previously were aware of, but hunting through it, I find key language.

The magic date is now August 14, 2014, the later date probably coming from delay in transmittal.

I am very sorry about our confusion.  Details are in the following email to the governor:


Dear Governor Patrick:

It is quite likely that you have been getting objections to the environment bond bill, the successor to  H4009, $32 million in H4009, section 2C, 2890-7020.

I am sorry about our sloppiness.

We do not have inside information and have had to wander about as well as we can.

On reviewing your list of Bills on Your desk, I encounter H4375 which includes the following:

SECTION 2C. 1247
Department of Conservation and Recreation. 1249

 provided further, that $20,000,000 shall be expended to complete
1296 the planning, design and construction of Phase II of the Historic Parkways Initiative along the
1297 section of the Memorial drive between the Longfellow bridge and the Boston University bridge
1298 in the city of Cambridge;

I am sorry about any inconvenience.

This would appear to be the language authorizing the destruction as posted in the DCR’s plans posted at

The DCR seems to vary from keeping this thing as secret as possible to giving whatever explanation or non explanation would seem to fly.

Please veto it.

Thank you.