Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Michael Sullivan, DA Candidate - Don’t blame the victim? His attacks on the Charles River White Geese.

Elaborating on the mocked and vilified comment in the report, please see the follow on at http://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/.

The bureaucrats lied of complaints against the Charles River White Geese.  On a freedom of information demand, there was exactly one complaint, issued by the Charles River "Conservancy" under its original name in direct response to a request for a comment by the bureaucrats.

The Charles River “Conservancy” has graduated from heartless animal abuse to being the principal instigator of the $20 million for destruction of hundreds of trees and associate environment, with key lies, of course.



Michael Sullivan, DA Candidate - Don’t blame the victim?  His attacks on the Charles River White Geese.

Michael Sullivan is a former member of the Cambridge City Council, currently running for district attorney for the county in which Cambridge sits.

He has put on a radio ad, prominently featuring the language “Don’t blame the victim.”

That brings to memory the vile pitch of the Cambridge Machine when Sullivan and the Cambridge City Council commenced their heartless abuse of the Charles River Geese at Magazine Beach playing fields on the Charles River.

The victim, the Charles River White Geese, beloved by normal people, normal commuters, and decent humans who love the Charles River was mocked and vilified by people friendly to the Cambridge City Council.

So, naturally, when it serves his purpose, Sullivan cries out: “Do not blame the victim.”

A neighbor of his tried to get some decency out of him.  Not a sign of decency, and a clear acknowledgement of who was on the attack against beautiful, valuable now 33 year residents of the Charles River.

The Cambridge City Council allocated a budget of about $1.5 million for the outrageous project on Magazine Beach.  The Department of Conservation and Recreation also put in money.

The Charles River White Geese were a beloved part of nature at Magazine Beach, grazing on its excellent, natural, non poison fed grass, and sleeping there on in the adjacent Charles River, except in bad weather on during mating season, when they went to the now Destroyed Nesting Area.

They are still a beloved part of the Charles River to folks walking across the BU Bridge looking down at the hovel to which Sullivan and his accomplices heartlessly confined them without food.

Sullivan’s response to his neighbor communicated total lack of empathy for his beautiful, beloved victims.  The comments of the Cambridge Machine were decidedly rotten.  Then again, this was part of the vile goals of the Department of Conservation and Recreation: to kill off or drive away all animals residing on the Charles River.

This contemptuous treatment of these excellent animals displays a mentality which strikes me as unfit for a law enforcement officer / district attorney.

Oh, and he also destroyed the excellent, non poison fed grass at the Magazine Beach playing fields.  He destroyed all of this grass which survived the better part of a Century and replaced it with sickly stuff which requires poisons to keep alive.

Oh, the big pitch on the destruction was that they wanted to improve the playing fields.  They decreased the size of the playing fields to put in expensive drains to drain off the poisons.

The DCR promised a lawn to the river.  So naturally, the lie of a lawn to the river because a wall of introduced vegetation which blocked access to Magazine Beach from the river and starved the Charles River White Geese.

That wall of introduced vegetation has been allowed to grow and grow and grow.  All other bordering vegetation on the Charles River has routinely been destroyed twice a year.

If you are dealing with honorable, decent people, the outrage at Magazine Beach is easy to correct.

All you have to do is chop down that bizarre wall twice a year like all other bordering vegetation on the Charles River basin.  And leave plenty of large openings for easy access so that the wall becomes what was promised in the usual lie: A lawn to the river.

All you have to do is stop spending money on poisons and spend it on seeds for the excellent grass which was so sickly destroyed.

Instead, we have one of the people who funded this outrage running for District Attorney in the county where Cambridge sits, crying about his concern for victims.

Strange, I beautiful victims confined to their Destroyed Nesting Area without food and see one of the people starving them making noises like a member of the Cambridge City Council.  He is concerned about victims.

Listen to his lovely words.  Do not look at the beautiful victims whom he has so heartlessly attacked, and the attacks have not abated.  Rather his followers on the DCR and the Cambridge City Council are making things much worse through their vile plans.  One of the guys in the middle of the vile plans is running for Lieutenant Governor.

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