Monday, May 02, 2016

Charles River, Springtime in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

Charles River, Springtime in the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

1. General.
2. Visit.
3. Visit in Context.

1. General.

Our video on the destruction of Memorial Drive on the Charles River in January 2016 by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation with the support of the City of Cambridge  is posted at

2. Visit.

Last Saturday, on April 30, 2016, I visited the Destroyed Nesting Area of the White Geese and looked at a recent, apparently complete “improvement” by the DCR and Cambridge.

It looks, in many ways, like a wasteland, less of a wasteland than the DCR and Cambridge created in January, but this is the FINAL PRODUCT.

Major work was done on the BU Bridge a few years back.  In the middle of the project, the legislature destroyed the then Metropolitan District Committee and replaced it by splitting its responsibilities between the Department of Transportation and the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  MassDOT got the bridges.  DCR got the riverbanks, along with the planners and managers.

The BU Bridge repair work was planned by DCR.  It included major destruction in the Destroyed Nesting Area which was totally unnecessary.  The area about 100 feet from the BU Bridge was needed for access.  But the DCR did additional destruction pointed into the DNA which was very much not necessary.

I found a lot of the Charles River White Geese in that area.  REMEMBER, much of this area has been “repaired” after the BU Bridge work.

Look at all the dirt.  The DCR planted a bunch of shrubs and simply let them die or survive.  If they had done what was intended, the “repaired” area would have been overgrown with excessively thick bushes, like the bushes on the banks of the Charles shown in the “Heartless Animal Abuse” portion of the video.  Some bushes survived and most died.  The DCR is very happy to have created a bunch of dirt where they promised bushes.

To make the repair project work, however, a 100 foot strip next to the BU Bridge was created that made sense to create for BU Bridge access.  The, as usual, lies of omission withheld mention that this formerly vibrant area was planned for dirt along most of its extent.

No grass, nothing to make the place livable.  Just dirt, and a lot of bushes which did not survive because, at least in part, the DCR did not care.  They had done their part.  They had made work for the contractors.  There was no more make work to brag about.  So they just let everything die and remain dirt.

The goal of the DCR is to kill off or drive away all resident animals.  The situation created is obvious and deliberate.

The Charles River White Geese are doing their best to make a living out of this outrage.

Here are photos of them from Saturday.

Heartless animal abuse.

ALL of the gravel, except near the railroad tracks, has been dumped there by the DCR and its friends (irresponsible railroad workers friendly to the DCR were particularly destructive).  The bare earth is overwhelmingly the creation of the DCR and its friends.  

I saw two visitors whom I have never seen before.  They were not there when I returned.  So I presume they are migratory.  On looking over the shots, I only see one photo, of one of the two, and, as photographed, it does not look that distinctive.  My memory is of a reddish color.  Perhaps my color rendering is not that good.

A lot of the Charles River White Geese are near the entrance.  Here is a photo of the entrance.

The Charles River White Geese have been getting through this starvation fence and eating under Memorial Drive.

The tangle with the barrel and its top is new.

The Charles River White Geese were hoping to get food, but food is being denied to them even more aggressively.

Heartless animal abuse.

The Starvation Wall at Magazine Beach (details in the video under Heartless Animal Abuse) was created to starve them.  The DCR found out that they were getting food.  So the DCR has created this additional Starvation device.

3. Visit in Context.

The photos in this section are taken from the video linked in Section 1.

The first photo places the Destroyed Nesting Area in context.

The area destroyed in January runs from the Destroyed Nesting Area on the left TO THE SECOND BRIDGE TO ITS RIGHT, an inconceivably large area in a major metropolitan community.

And it was destroyed BY THE Massachusetts DCR AND BY CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA.

Here are the destruction plans for the January outrage which apply to the area including the Destroyed Nesting Area (on the left) and the Wild Area (on the right).

At the far left is the BU Bridge.  At the top is Memorial Drive.  In the middle is the Grand Junction Railroad.  At the right is the Wild Area.

The Wild Area shows exactly one tree, and they say they are not destroying it.  But the Destroyed Nesting Area shows only five trees, one of which they say they are destroying.

The trees by the railroad tracks are also not shown.  That is scary, given the destructiveness of these terrible people, the reflexive cheerleading of the fake groups and the determination of the Cambridge City Council to have folks look at everything except the outrages inflicted by the City of Cambridge and the DCR.

A highly reasonable interpretation of the plans for the Wild Area is that every tree east of the railroad tracks and west of the BU Boathouse is doomed.  Even more scary is the omission of so many trees in the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The Cambridge City Council has its own destructive plans for the two areas.  Those are called by the euphemism of a Grand Junction bike highway.  Those destructive plans, as is the custom with outrageously destructive plans are kept as secret as possible while pablum is put out about how great the plans are.

In the photos in section 2 above, the BU Bridge repair “corrected area” is to the left.

I must apologize for an omission in the title in the video.

IT IS ALWAYS AN ERROR TO ASSUME “They would never stoop so low.”

The video in a later slide mentions the apparent destruction of the Wild Area because all those trees are not mentioned.

The video in this slide does not mention that THE ONLY TREES SHOWN in the Destroyed Nesting Area are the ones near Memorial Drive.  Is it intended to destroy all the rest?

Look at the true vileness achieved by Cambridge and the DCR as documented in the video.

IT IS ALWAYS AN ERROR TO ASSUME “They would never stoop so low.”