Friday, August 26, 2016

Destruction of Memorial Drive Final Cut to receive further distribution.

Destruction of Memorial Drive Final Cut to receive further distribution.

“The Destruction of Memorial Drive . . . Final Cut” has been posted at

We have been informed that Cambridge Community Television will present our video on their sites, which includes viewing on the internet.

This follows on very meaningful and important inputs by CCTV in producing this report, acknowledged in the video.  The video singles out one staff member, Natalie Minik, who provided / initiated very helpful and key input with regard to content in the actual creation of the Final Cut.  Her input resulted in my adding a significant part of the video.

The video provides a general expression of appreciation which is intended to include assistance by Programming Coordinator Lily Bouvier and by Susan Fleischmann, Executive Director, both of whom have been very helpful.  The Final Cut is the fourth edition.  I keep finding improvements to make.  The improvements have to stop with the Final Cut, but thanks very much to Lily and to Susan as well.

The communication from Programming Coordinator Lily Bouvier for CCTV reads as follows:

* * * *

Hi Bob,

I am writing to let you know that your new cut is scheduled to begin broadcasting on the channels this coming week. It will play on Channel 8, Tues. 8/30, Thurs. 9/1, and Sun. 9/4 at 7:30pm and Weds. 8/31 and Fri. 9/2 at 11:30am.

Folks can tune in via Cambridge cable TV or on live webstream, at Hope you get to watch, and let others know as well!

Take care.


* * * *

Please note that anyone with Internet access can view the CCTV presentation on the Internet at at these times, in addition to viewing the YouTube presentation.  The Channels Lily mentions

It is the hope of Friends of the White Geese that this Video will be submitted next year by CCTV as part of CCTV’s annual submissions for awards on community reporting, awards which have been frequently earned by CCTV.  Submission would be for community reporting in 2016.

Thanks to CCTV, individually and through the staff who have been of such great assistance.