Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Charles River, First Magazine Beach Photos, Hill / Swimming Pool DESTRUCTION

Charles River, First Magazine Beach Photos, Hill / Swimming Pool DESTRUCTION

1. Introduction.
2. Part of the COMING outrage in some photos.

1. Introduction.

I took approximately 200 photos of the threatened Magazine Beach recreation area over the past week.

I had intended to defer publication of the photos until I created a massive letter for transmittal to the Cambridge City Council.

I am afraid that the vileness, the hypocrisy of the enemy has just gotten to me.

The reality is that this is just one part of a long lasting fraud going on in the City of Cambridge by which a lot of destruction has been achieved in Cambridge by the City of Cambridge and its accomplices in which the way has been greased by fake protective groups which commonly have great affection for to the City of Cambridge, but neglect to mention that great affection for the City of Cambridge when they proclaim their “protective group” status.

The Company Union which claims to be defending the adjoining Cambridgeport neighborhood has spouted non stop lies about love for the Charles River and Magazine Beach.  The lies have centered for several years on one building, a bath house which has not been used for 80 years.

The pitch is stereotype company union fraud.  The Company Union loudly claims to be defending an excellent cause, and then, after establishing false credentials, fights against its stated cause by telling well intended people not to look at outrages it really is fighting for.

For at least four years or so, this fake group fought for the destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive using this fraud.  Translation “Look at Magazine Beach.  Look at the Bathhouse.  How dare you look at what we and our friends are destroying.”

The outrage by Cambridge and the DCR this Company Union fought for, and has heavily achieved,  is recorded at

2. Part of the COMING outrage in some photos.

The fraud has centered on supposed love for a 19th / 20th  Century Bathhouse which has not been used for 80 years.

The latest leader of this particular Company Union, at the Cambridge Conservation Commission hearing on September 26, PUBLICLY supported the destruction of 42 trees in the Magazine Beach recreation area including 23 trees which are part of the framing of her supposedly beloved bathhouse.

The following is just part of the destruction plans for the hill / bathhouse area.  These plans are PART OF MUCH LARGER DESTRUCTION PLANS SHE SUPPORTED. We have posted at the full destruction plans at

On the destruction plan, the bathhouse is the near rectangle slightly left of and below the center of the plan.  As you look toward the top of the plan (north), left (west) and middle, the doomed trees constitute almost every tree in their groupings.

Here is the supposedly beloved bathhouse.  Most of the trees you see stand out in the plans because they are not being destroyed.  MORE THAN A MAJORITY of the trees to the right (west) and behind the camera (north) are slated to be destroyed.  The tree to the far left, looking at the destruction plans, is doomed.  All destruction will be WITH THE SUPPORT OF THIS COMPANY UNION LEADER.

Here are some excellent photos of threatened trees in the area that she lies that she loves.

In this photo, the fence is the fence around the swimming pool.  All of the four large trees lining the fence are DOOMED along with the large tree further out between the two middle trees.  Additionally, the two trees at the far left beyond the fencing are doomed, but in the next page of the destruction plans (and not counted by me in the above number).

On the plan, I count 14 doomed trees in the area near the swimming pool building alone (including the doomed parking lot), and there are 5 doomed trees just east (right)t of those trees along Memorial Drive.

In this photo, the ONLY readily visible tree not to be destroyed is the one with yellowed leaves.

In this photo, there may be two nearby trees which are not doomed.

My guess is that the two nearest trees are being destroyed.

This tree is doomed.

In this photo, at minimum, the two largest trees are doomed.

I have run out of time.

This is the CORE area this woman and her Company Union have spent years lying that they love.

This is the sort of fraud I have been standing up to since the 42 year Cambridge City Manager Machine came into place.

Right now, I do not have the time to pick out the doomed, tree by tree.  I will come back to do so.

It is not at all difficult to compare the plans to the photos.