Thursday, October 27, 2016

To Cambridge, MA, USA Government: Governmental Destruction on the Charles River, Late 2016, Part 2

To Cambridge, MA, USA Government:  Governmental Destruction on the Charles River, Late 2016, Part 2

1. Introduction.
2. Scanned copy..
3. Copy, usable format for this blog.

1. Introduction.

On October 26, 2016, I delivered a letter to the Cambridge City Clerk for the City Council (copy noted for the incoming City Manager) at its next meeting.  The letter is reproduced in section 3 below as best works for this medium.  Rather amazingly, City Manager DePasquale does not seem to have taken office yet.  So I am now holding two letters for him.

Because the format of this letter cannot meaningfully be transmitted in the blog medium, I am providing a scanned copy of the letter in section 2, then the Blog readable copy in section 3.

This is my second formal transmittal on this outrage.  I am trying to communicate without overloading.  The first transmittal was the original, fraudulent plans.  This second transmittal goes into the fraud proven in the plans during the Cambridge Conservation Commission site review.

That leaves me with the outrages in the rest of the plans including analysis of the lies through word games, plus there are detailed documents to be provided.

The DCR submitted a subsequent sales pitch to the Cambridge Conservation Commission which purports to be a plan.  It is dominated by the DCR’s lies through fake definition, and I very seriously doubt if I want to dignify that beautiful lie with publishing it here.  The DCR is admitting more destruction in that beautiful than appeared in the fraudulent plans.  So I am at a loss as to how to communicate the additional four trees they currently admit to destroying in addition to those in the fraudulent plans.

I filed an extensive email complaint about the fraudulent plans to what appears to be a centralized part of the DCR and got a response that it is being passed on to what appears to be the appropriate person.

I anticipate I will next pass on to the Cambridge City Council a copy of the email complaint to the DCR.  I will also try to figure out if council rules allow me to formally get individual copies of the DVD containing the record of hundreds of trees already destroyed by the DCR, Cambridge and their Cheerleaders.

2. Scanned copy..

3. Copy, usable format for this blog.

October 26, 2016

City Manager Louis A DePasquale
City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA   02139

City Council, City of Cambridge, c/o City Clerk
City Hall, 795 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA   02139

RE: Governmental Destruction on the Charles River, Late 2016, Part 2

Gentlemen / Ladies:

On October 4, 2016, I hand delivered my previous letter on this topic to the Cambridge City Council, care of the City Clerk.  I hope that, by the time I deliver this follow up, City Manager DePasquale will be in office, so I can deliver the October 4, 2016 letter with this one.

This photo is of one of the most visible targets for destruction left on the Charles River by the Cambridge City Manager Machine, the Department of Conservation and Recreation and their Cheerleaders.  It is a magnificent grove looming over the western end of the Magazine Beach playing fields.

A bit over a year ago, then Cambridge City Manager Rossi told a gathering at the main branch of the Cambridge Public Library that Cambridge was greatly improving the Charles River.  Since, on environmental matters, there was a tradition in the three member Cambridge City Manager Machine, from 1974 to, hopefully, 2016, that such proclamations were usually more important for the lies of omission than for the proud things the then City Manager wanted folks to know about, I did not go in.

Earlier this year, the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, with the obvious support and approval of the Cambridge City Manager Machine and their Cheerleaders, destroyed hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges with a lot more coming.  My video at summarizes this outrage.

Among other things, secret fine print in the City Council’s Grand Junction plans is intended to make the outrage on the Charles River worse.

Imminent is the destruction of 54 mostly excellent trees on Magazine Beach, at least 30 of them on the hill between the playing fields and the swimming pool.  I gave you the falsified DCR plans for this destruction in my letter of October 4, 2016.

I say “falsified” because it turns out that, currently known planned destruction on the Hill is not 23 but 30, once you get through the lies of fake words.  The photo on the first page is of that beautiful grove which is claimed to be of three trees.  Looking at the grove which is targeted by the DCR / Cambridge in reality, it clearly is ten trees.

Here is the lying plan which I gave to you in my letter of October 4, 2016.  Decent human beings should not be subjected to such outrageous destruction.  Decent human beings should not have to be subjected to repeated lies concerning outrageous destruction.

Emblematic of this outrage is the ten tree grove on the hill which trees proudly dominate the playing fields.

The same people who just destroyed hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges want to destroy 54 trees and rising at Magazine Beach.

In addition to many other outrages, the hopefully dead City Manager Machine. the DCR and their Cheerleaders want to destroy this excellent TEN TREE grove as part of the 30 trees they are destroying on the Magazine Beach hill.

The flat out lie in the formally submitted plans is at the right margin, about a third of the way from the bottom of this plan.   10 doomed trees are shown as 3. [ed: paragraph modified to comport to blog presentation.]

These TEN DOOMED TREES loom over the Magazine Beach playing fields.

On this plan, the rectangle which is at an angle and to the left of the doomed trees is the bathhouse Cambridge’s cheerleaders have been telling folks is the only thing they should look at on the Charles River.  This was while Cambridge and the DCR were destroying those hundreds of trees.  It turns out that another thing these destructive people do not want folks to look at is the THIRTY trees these people are destroying near that bathhouse, and to minimize the scope of their outrage, they are lying that the destruction is TWENTY-THREE trees.

Here are photos of reality, TEN TREES NOT THREE in that grove, making the hill total 30 and climbing and the overall total 54 and climbing.  These photos were taken this last weekend.

These photographs IN NO WAY should be interpreted as showing the full scale of the outrage, simply a most visible part, about which the DCR is indulging in corrupt tactics.

The real purpose behind the pending destruction is, of course, the same as in the destruction achieved earlier this year: Make Work for Contractors.

If we were dealing with a responsible entity, it would be easy to get the guilty bureaucrats fired for lying in these formally submitted plans.  We are not dealing with a responsible entity.  We are dealing with people who just destroyed hundreds of trees between the BU and Longfellow Bridges and want to destroy 54 more and rising..  We are dealing with the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

There are a few reasonable ways to end this outrage.

One is through requests.  This makes sense, but has next to no value particularly since they can and have gone forward with almost no warning.  Plus they have played games with the legislature such as the legislature’s allowing them to destroy years after their approvals expired.

Claims of “lack of jurisdiction” in Cambridge government are silly.  Last I noticed, the DCR is closer than the many governments of the world the Cambridge City Council frequently addresses; the destruction is occurring in the City of Cambridge;  Cambridge has funded destruction on the Charles River; Cambridge’s Development Department is consulted AND HAS BEEN CONSULTED on these outrages.  Any claim of lack of jurisdiction is nonsense.

The option of most meaningful value is to get rid of the DCR legislatively, initiating the legislative process at the same time as initiating discussions.

Implement the wishes of the legislature when it destroyed the Metropolitan District Commission.  The legislature tried to protect the Charles from the destructiveness of the MDC bureaucrats.  Obtain legislation to get rid of the DCR on the Charles River, transferring funds and jurisdiction to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  MassDOT has been the adult in the room in Charles River matters in which the DCR and Cambridge have been very destructive children.  Home rule legislation is Cambridge’s right.

The smart legislative option would be transfer action by Cambridge’s legislative team with proper rearrangement of funding to MassDOT, but TRANSFER OF MANAGERS AND / OR PLANNERS FORBIDDEN.  The existing outrages are by Metropolitan District Commission functionaries who took their outrages with them to the DCR and destroyed, destroyed, destroyed.

Unfortunately, the irresponsible MDC bureaucrats survived in the DCR and, with the support and approval of the Cambridge City Manager Machine, are aggressively destroying Cambridge’s part of the Charles River.  Legislative action takes time, and the DCR has demonstrated the ability to destroy rapidly and with vigor.

In the interim, Cambridge should exercise the right OF CONTROL OF MAGAZINE BEACH transferred to Cambridge in the agreement for destruction of the 2000s.  The Chief MDC / DCR destroyer has publicly admitted the willingness of the DCR to respect the transfer agreement by which they got the money for the 2000s destruction which was managed by Rossi as top assistant to then City Manager Healy.

With control, it is essential that the City of Cambridge, in addition to finally ending these outrageous plans, destroy the bizarre introduced wall of introduced vegetation walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles, and end the use of poisons on all parts of the Charles River.

End this outrage.  End it now.


Robert J. La Trémouille
Individually and as Chair,
Friends of the White Geese