Thursday, December 29, 2016

Charles River: 35 year resident Charles River White Geese under attack, doing their best.

Charles River:   35 year resident Charles River White Geese under attack, doing their best.

1. Introduction.
2. Photos of the Charles River White Geese.
3. Photos of heartless animal abuse.

1. Introduction.

I have a number of photos from a few days ago.

The photos provide excellent documentation of the total lack of fitness of the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to manage the environment.

I realize that Cambridge, MA, USA has a new City Manager for whom I have high hopes, but I can only refer to Cambridge by its record, and not by my high hopes for the new City Manager.  Cambridge is very clearly part of the rot on the Charles River.

Cambridge and the DCR are excellent demonstrations of man destroying our world.

This presentation will be in two parts.

Today’s report is on heartless animal abuse.  The next report will be on outrageous destruction of trees.  Both are excellent examples of the lack of fitness of Cambridge and the DCR for management of the environment, and clearly place them on the wrong side of man’s destruction of our world.

The last Cambridge City Manager publicly bragged about all the “improvements” Cambridge was bringing to the Charles River.  His Development Department is clearly hand in glove with the DCR.  Their use of a fake “protective’ group” to smooth the way to destruction just makes the entire situation that much more vile.  Their ongoing work to expand the destruction just makes the entire thing that much worse.

In spite of Cambridge’s non stop pious prattle to the contrary, directly and through their influenced fake groups, it is silly to interpret the prattle as anything other than fraud on the voters.

Their environmental prattle is comparable to Cambridge’s loud proclamations about support for women’s rights a demonstrated by

Three levels of court condemned City Manager Robert Healy (the longest serving of the 3 member Cambridge City Manager Machine) for destroying the life of department head Malvina Monteiro because she worked for Women’s Rights in the Cambridge City Government.

         Those very strong judicial condemnations  give the Cambridge City Council full power to fire Robert Healy for Malfeasance In Office with NO MEANINGFUL LEGAL CASE BY ROBERT HEALY.  The condemnations in Monteiro legally decided that he was unfit for office.

Key words, from the Trial Judge are “reprehensible” with regard to Healy’s behavior.  Key words from the Appeals Court panel are “ample evidence of . . . outrageous misbehavior.”  The Appeals Court panel’s words came in an opinion which the panel REFUSED TO CALL AN OPINION as part of their very clear contempt for the City of Cambridge’s even bringing this matter before them on appeal.  Opinions are presented in full at, and at, respectively.

The jury put their contempt in money: more than 1 million in real damages PLUS $3.5 million in PENAL damages to communicate the sick situation in Cambridge as clearly as possible.

The Cambridge City Council clearly showed their opinion by naming their police station after Robert Healy, in spite of the Monteiro outrage, and allowing him to retire with honor and praise.  This shows exactly which side the Cambridge City Council is REALLY on with regard to nonstop pious words.

Five of the nine current Cambridge City Councilors served during Monteiro decisions.

2. Photos of the Charles River White Geese.

Here is a photo of a flotilla of the Charles River White Geese off hunting for food, with the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge over their heads

Here is a photo of a separate flotilla of the Charles River White Geese in the bay off the Wild Area, separated from the Destroyed Nesting Area by the Grand Junction Railroad.  The photo is taken through the Wild Area, off the Grand Unction.

The Charles River White Geese spend the worst days of the winter in this bay.  So far it is well protected from the elements.  But the plans show ONE tree left in the thick woods which make up the Wild Area.  Devastating the adjacent land of more than a hundred trees will clearly make the bay much less hospital.

Here are photos of remaining Charles River White Geese eeking out survival in their Destroyed Nesting Area which has been ravaged of ground vegetation by DCR orders with clear connivance by Cambridge and with plans by Cambridge to make it worse.

3. Photos of heartless animal abuse.

Above is have photographed two separate groups of the Charles River White Geese.  One is a flotilla looking for food which the DCR and Cambridge deny to them and thus are deliberately starving them.  That is the photo with the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge overhead.

I will start off an old photo, the starvation wall of introduced bushes which keep the Charles River White Geese from their food of most of the last 35 years, the grasses at the Magazine Beach playing fields, with poisons introduced by Cambridge and the DCR.

Current plans are to make the wall worse with puffery.

The wall was installed based on the DCR’s promise of a “Lawn to the River.”  It is now non negotiable and exactly the opposite of a “lawn to the river”, although the DCR and its friends, including CAMBRIDGE are working to make things worse.  Flat out lying is irrelevant to the lack of ethics so obvious in these outrageous government entities.

Poisons were introduced and will, by rather clear plan, be expanded, probably nearly two miles to the east of the Destroyed Nesting Area to the Longfellow Bridge, and next to the area west of the Playing Fields, where 52 mostly excellent trees are slated to be destroyed, poisoning expansion extending toward the River Street Bridge.

Here is a video of the Charles River White Geese feeding across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel, maybe a quarter of a mile east of the Charles River White Geese’ ghetto to which they are confined without food and with constant ramping up on the attacks.

I reported at, of herds of wild turkeys roaming the streets of Cambridge, MA, USA looking for food.  One of the most densely populated cities in the United States of America and WILD TURKEYS are roaming its streets looking for food.

The wild turkeys are among the many LESS VISIBLE wild animals being heartlessly abused by Cambridge, the DCR and their cheerleaders.

Here is a placard included in a puff piece in the Cambridge City Hall Annex in which Cambridge also bragged about its outrages on the Charles River.  The nominal entity "responsible" was one of the too common fake "protective" groups.  This particular fake group brags that it censors any and all negative comment about the City of Cambridge on its Listserv.

It should be noted that Cambridge’s bragging normally has been notable for lies of omission.  They brag about what the voters will consider acceptable in their plans.  They keep secret the vile parts of their plans.  And this particular part of their plans being bragged about in that puffery WITH ONLY THE “GOOD STUFF” PUBLICIZED would have been defeated in a public meeting without corrupt tactics by the Cheerleaders putting on the puffery show.

This placard went very far in their bragging about their heartless animal abuse on the Charles River being part of humanity’s attacks on our world in this placard.

Here is the waterfront across from the Hyatt Regency Hotel now.  The animal habitat was so strong in this area that the DCR had up a sign warning drivers on Memorial Drive of “Goose Crossing.”

The stones at the river line have been added.  Those stones make it impossible for the Charles River White Geese to access the riverfront.  As for the turkeys and other less visible victims?  What do you think?  Especially in line with the starvation wall which was created by fraud and kept as “non negotiable.”

Once again, the video taken in 2009 of the Charles River White Geese feeding in this location is posted at

Like a very large number of works of art and posts on the Internet cherishing the Charles River White Geese, the creator of this video is personally unknown to Friends of the White Geese.

The destroyers of our world who are doing their part of the world's destruction by destroying the Charles River are very clearly known:  The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the City of Cambridge, and a very sick political situation used by the City of Cambridge to fool its legions of concerned voters into thinking that they have a responsible city government.

4.  Summary.

This report is only part of a very large accumulation of proof of the unfitness of these entities to manage the environment.

Our video on the destruction before and after may be viewed at

Brief synopses of these reports may be seen on facebook, the page dedicated to the Charles River White Geese.  Clearly a lot of pols need to be contacted.  Links to the much greater detail on this blog are included with each synopsis.

Like all those beautiful reports on the Charles River White Geese throughout the Internet, this page was created by a person whom has never been personally met by activists in the Friends of the White Geese organization.  He made it and gave it to us.  We cherish it.

One posting summarizing possible contacts is at

At the same time, please feel free to friend the Charles River White Geese on Facebook.

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