Thursday, April 13, 2017

Magazine Beach Fauna

1,     Phil Barber Report.
2.     Analysis.

1,     Phil Barber Report.

I spotted this unusual black squirrel in the doomed cottonwoods yesterday [April 12, 2017].



Phillip Barber

2.  Analysis.

This destruction is all part of the reprehensible behavior which is the norm on the Charles River.

The fake protective group and the Cambridge City Council have the same explanation for this as they do for the hundreds of trees they just destroyed east of the BU Bridge:

"Don't look at what we are destroying.  Look at what we tell you to look at."

My video on the first stage destruction of hundreds of trees east may be viewed at

My report on the fake "improvements" may be viewed at

My report providing the plans for destruction at Magazine Beach to the Cambridge City Council may be view at,  Note that this plan includes fraudulent deletions.  There is a subsequent plan which repeats the fraudulent deletions and adds to that the fraud of word games.

And here is a photo essay of PART of the planned destruction: