Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Charles River - Skillfully worded fraud becomes absolute truth and “request” for destruction.

Fraud is a normal practice in environmental destruction on the Charles River.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation went from fraudulent but otherwise accurate plans for destruction at Magazine Beach, to larger, AND NOT OFFICIAL demands for destruction playing word games.

The key lie has been a word that translates as BEYOND MOST PERFECT GROWTH.

The fraud is that EXCELLENT TREES can stay excellent for decades beyond PERFECT GROWTH.

So fraudulent destruction plans became fraudulent destruction plans with fraudulent words games.

A unanimous Cambridge City Council went from self deification as environmental saints to a formal demand for destruction money loudly to respond to “many dead or dying trees”.

So a fraudulent word game which proclaimed that a lot of trees which have passed PERFECT GROWTH became “Many dead or dying trees”.

“BEYOND PERFECT GROWTH” using fancy words is not “dying trees,” but the Cambridge City Council has suddenly sought money to massively destroy 54 MOSTLY EXCELLENT TREES, under the argument that trees which are excellent and been fraudulently described as passed PERFECT GROWTH are now “dying trees.”

We are all dying from the time of our birth, and the 54 trees which the Cambridge City Council now seeks funds to destroy have turned out to be “dying trees” even though the vast majority are excellent and the fraudulently worded destruction plans admit that a very large number have yet to reach PERFECT GROWTH, i.e. yet to reach “decline” to use the fraudulent term, and a vile bureaucracy has lovely plans for the benefit of contractors to destroy excellent trees.

THEY ONLY HAVE FIFTY YEARS LEFT.  Turns into “dying trees.”

This is the level of fraud which has been normal from the Cambridge Machine under the very destructive three City Manager Machine.

The new, hopefully independent, City Manager is faced with a demand for money for massive destruction based on a flat out lie based on skillful fraud.

The demand for money is open ended, however.  It can be a small payment, but even a small, specified, payment will allow a reprehensible bureaucracy to shift money from small responsible uses to the destruction of trees of which the DCR and the Cambridge Development Department so love.

Outrageous, irresponsible, business as usual from the reprehensible THREE MEMBER Cambridge City Manager machine.

The new incumbent City Manager is not obligated to fund this outrage based on a lie based on a skillfully worded fraud.

I most definitely encourage the City Manager to reflect responsible environmentalism and reject this lie based on expansion of skillfully worded fraud.

Here is a photo of the excellent grove across from the MicroCenter Parking Lot.  These are part of the many EXCELLENT TREES which the Cambridge City Council wants to destroy because a TINY NUMBER of OTHER trees are dead, and because the Cambridge City Council has turned fraudulent word games alleging a right to destroy after PERFECT GROWTH of a tree is reached into “Many dead or dying trees.”

Outrageous, irresponsible.  This is the City of Cambridge where hundreds of trees were just destroyed with heartless animal abuse.

During the destruction and animal abuse by Cambridge and the state bureaucrats the Cambridge City Council yelled at circuses passing through Cambridge on public streets.

The City Council lied of objecting to heartless animal abuse.  Cambridge City Councilors lied that the Cambridge City Council has nothing to do with the Charles River.

The poor dears.  Noticing that the City of Cambridge has the Charles River within its boundaries, turning skillfully worded bureaucratic fraud into a flat out lie.  This fits the tradition of the terrible three member City Manager Machine and its very destructive City Council.

But then the City Manager Machine’s City Council named the Police Station after a City Manager who was condemned by three levels of courts for a major women’s rights outrage.  And like that City Council’s proclamation of concern for women’s rights, the current city council proclaims it is pro environment and opposed to animal abuse.  Just do not look at reality.

Hopefully, the new City Manager will stand up to this outrage with roots in his three predecessors.