Tuesday, November 07, 2017

Charles River: Wild Falsehoods, Responses and Reality in election season ‒ the last few days with the Cambridge Machine

Charles River:  Wild Falsehoods, Responses and Reality in election season ‒ the last few days with the Cambridge Machine

Normally these reports are published in three versions.  This version, the blog version, is the full analysis on any particular issue.  Condensed versions are posted on Facebook and in an email newsletter with links to this commonly much longer blog report.

Things have been getting nasty on the Charles River.  The following is a very slightly clarified version of a report which went out to the email report system.  The distribution was normal distribution minus news media.

I usually try to keep these reports strictly concerning the irresponsible government entities.  The reality, however, is that the irresponsible government entities work through controlled Company Union groups which claim to be defending the world and which, altogether too often, do exactly the opposite while proclaiming their own sainthood.

Hopefully, this report will give you a feel for the reality of on the ground work defending the Charles River.  It is based on a ListServ managed by the bad guys.

Two Cambridge City Councilors are named in the report.  That is highly appropriate for a report which went solely to Cambridge, MA and closely related.  I am changing to #1 and #2 to reflect the international audience of these blog reports.

The election which is related to this report is in progress as this report is published.

I normally include photos in these reports.  I have considered adding photos in relevant locations.  Photos were not provided in the original report.  It just does not seem proper, and would require more changes than I feel comfortable with.

* * * *

The fake protective group which is fighting for and has achieved massive destruction on the Charles River was forced into ending censorship of their ListServ when I publicized the censorship as demonstration of the lack of meaning of the entity.

A few days ago, an operative who has been very visible with most of the fake protective groups in the City of Cambridge made a flat out lie about me on line.  Flat out lies and wild accusations commonly become THE TRUTH with these people so I responded, denied the flat out lie, and went into my record standing up against outrages by this individual’s friends in the Cambridge Machine.  A couple of these exchanges got quite strong and nonsensical on his part, so I passed on my collection of reality to people to whom these memoirs of reality could be valuable.

The thing which apparently got me thrown off the Listserv was misbehavior on the Listserv by Councilor #1.  I really had not been bothered by #1 putting a prohibited list of his record and pitch for votes on the ListServ.  A number of other people were.

The candidates for City Council number somewhere in the 20's.  Equal time for the others would be nonsensical.  So the folks were condemning #1 repeatedly.  One other candidate alleged this was not #1’s first such violation.

#1 happens to be one of the two worst members of the current City Council with regard to his record on the Charles River.

In the on line discussion, one woman was the only visible member of the group which pulls the strings on this entity.  So I suggested to her that a one on one response from a person who strongly disagrees with #1 would be an excellent way to neutralize the effect of this action by #1.

I got no answer to my offer.

The condemnations of #1 proceeded on line, so since I had received no response on my offer, I pointed out that I had suggested to the string pullers that I be allowed to respond to him, without going into meaningful detail.

The key string puller (a different woman), not long after that post by me, posted a strong comment with a wild falsehood, aimed at me without naming me.

I have seen nothing of what had been an active ListServ since then, so I must assume I have been thrown off the list because I OFFERED to respond to #1.  I did not put my response on line and I made no attempt to do so.

Since a very busy ListServ has suddenly gone silent, I have to assume that I have been evicted.  I have just checked and received a bounce.

But, as with the FLAT OUT LIE that started this busy period of several days, I am faced with the reality that, with the Cambridge Machine, wild statements become THE TRUTH.  I responded to the original FLAT OUT LIE in overwhelming detail.

If I had not been shut off the ListServ, I would have been very happy to simply let things lie with the public statement that I had offered a response.  But since I have been shut off the ListServ, the likelihood of yet another massive personal attack is a certainty.

The sooner the better to squelch such further outrages.  My pulling off the ListServ was preceded by an email with fraud aimed at me without naming me.

Nastiness will be used to smokescreen the ongoing fight of this destructive group of people for more horrible things on the Charles River.  The nastiness will use this latest outrage by them as an example of why their terrible goals are justifiable.  As usual, the fully predictable nastiness will not mention the very terrible goals.  Their very terrible goals will obscured by yet more delicately and “quietly” worded, but truly LOUD yelling..

So here goes.  Here is the comment offered to the string pullers with key sections analyzed.

* * * *

Councilor #1 wrote the April 24, 2017, motion to destroy the 56 mostly excellent trees and do other terrible things at Magazine Beach.  That motion was the first use that I am aware of the “dead or dying” fraud.

#1 fought for the outrages of the 2000's.  His explanation on that fight was that he was only responsible for the good parts of his actions, not the bad.

His explanation was that he was improving the playing fields.  But a significant part of the playing fields were destroyed to put in that poison drainage system.

To the best of my knowledge, he has never complained that, by reducing playing field size, he achieved EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE of what he said he was fighting for.

And bees are dying on Magazine Beach because of poisons that initiated in the 2000's operation.

Their beloved poisons are apparently being expanded to the top of the hill, plus to behind the swimming pool, and probably to east of the BU Bridge.  These actions, of course, are part of continuing destruction of habitat and of animal abuse, and of the Charles River.

* * * *

The only part of this package I have possible second thoughts about is saying #1 “wrote” order 1 of April 24, 2017.  The exactly correct terminology is that he, and #2 SPONSORED that order.  So “wrote” is technically slightly off exact center.  That order has the stench of the Development Department who probably WROTE it.  #1, by cosigning that motion, took credit for authorship.  There are more than one person who can be blamed for this outrage.  If #1 wishes to specify the actual author, I will be pleased to be more exact in my terminology.

The “dead or dying” fraud appears to be the offshoot of skillfully worded fraud by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.  The DCR and Cambridge are destroying truly excellent and massive trees.  These trees are so old and so excellent that many have probably passed their peak of beauty.

The skillful fraud from the DCR claims that, without spelling it out, a tree which has passed its peak of beauty is in "decline." To my understanding that is the definition of the term, "decline." "Decline" is the term the DCR skillful fraud used. Once it is "in decline (very fraudulent language in this situation), the DCR claims to have a RIGHT to destroy it.

The DCR also admits they want to destroy a lot of excellent trees which have not reached their peak of beauty.  Those are a very significant part of the number of trees the DCR, and nine members of the Cambridge City Council want to destroy, destroy, destroy.

In addition to the many excellent trees which are not yet at their peak, most of the trees being destroyed are excellent trees which have “passed their peak” and still have ONLY (they always use that word) 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years of fruitful beauty left.  The lie here is that these excellent trees are in “decline.”

And there are a tiny percentage which are dead.  My June 4, 2017 51 page letter to the Cambridge City Council  analyzed the situation in detail with photos and plans INCLUDING PHOTOS OF THE DEAD TREES.  My analysis is posted in the city record at http://cambridgema.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1815&Inline=True, pages 198 to 249.  I also offer email sized PDF’s, five in number, to those who are overwhelmed by the amount of time it takes to download the 400 or 500 page document which includes my report.

The #1 / #2 motion rather clearly took the skillful fraud in the word “decline” and spouted “dead or dying” from the skillful fraud.

“Dead or dying” is outrageous fraud, worse than skillful fraud.  ‘Dead or dying” is loudly repeated by the individuals fighting for this outrage.

“Dead or dying,” an unjustified expansion of skillful fraud, has become “REALITY” in the eyes of the Cambridge Machine.

I have elaborated and clarified my June 6 analysis in several subsequent letters.  That includes reports of destruction already accomplished including destruction of two trees which the shopping center across the street had lovingly cared for and which were not in the destruction plans.

* * * *

The other oddity which can use explanation is #1’s comment that he was only responsible for the good stuff, not the bad.

That comment was made outside a candidate’s night in North Cambridge where he was running for School Committee.

#1 was, to my recollection, the only figure visibly supporting the outrages inflicted on Magazine Beach in the 2000's outside of the bureaucrats implementing it.  The City Councilors, as is their wont, voted for the terrible things and then ran away from their guilt, letting the bureaucrats take the blame.

#1 was bragging that he was improving the playing fields.  It turned out to be exactly the opposite.  Playing fields were destroyed to put in a drainage system to drain off poisons being added to the Magazine Beach playing fields by Cambridge and the DCR.  #1 apparently supported the reversal with silence.

#1 probably was inflicting the usual Cambridge Machine bullying fraud on me with those words, but he said those words loudly and strongly.  What he said had a lot of meaning, and the Cambridge Machine rubber stamps everything.

I have published Phil Barber’s report on the bee sickness, and gone into detail about the love of the DCR for poisons on the banks of the Charles River, including the annual algae infestation of the Charles River which dates back use of probably the same poison at Ebersol Field because the DCR’s less powerful beloved poisons were not working.

I proposed to the string pullers of this fake protective group a short document which is made much longer by this analysis.  I kept quiet about the content until it would appear that I have been pulled off the ListServ. It is thus necessary to respond to the fully predictable nastiness which will be done by word of mouth, and which has already started with the falsehood in that key email.

I have lived with this terrible Cambridge Machine organization for way too long.  The three bad City Managers who thrived with this terrible organization are gone.  City Manager DePasquale looks like he is standing up to this terrible organization.

In the trenches, I, as usual, will be the victim of a terrible personal attack campaign.  I believe in reality.  Giving in to bullies emboldens them.  Their cause has no value.  It is a very terrible cause.

The Cambridge Machine has great antipathy toward reality.  I have communicated reality.