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Charles River: Good / Bad with Wildlife, or all bad?

Charles River:   Good / Bad with Wildlife, or all bad?

The following is based on a communication sent to the Cambridge, MA, USA City Manager and City Council on April 8, 2016.

1. Cooper’s Hawk:   Good or Bad?
2. Turkeys deep in Residential Cambridge, Definitely Bad.
3. The Cambridge City Council should give Cambridge honesty in government.

1. Cooper’s Hawk:   Good or Bad?

A. Report.

Phil Barber forwarded us this photo taken on April 5 of a newly sighted young Cooper’s Hawk on Magazine Beach.

He commented on April 6: 

“I saw the new hawk again this PM, near the Magazine.  Maybe he’s trying to establish a new territory.”

B. Comment.

 “The Magazine” refers to an historical building in the Magazine Beach Recreation Area which the fake protectors spent years telling people to look at and ONLY look at.  Their orders have expanded since then inasmuch as the fake protectors are now fighting

(1) to destroy 56 trees and do related outrages, including

(2) the rerouting of poisons from the playing field into the Charles River, and

(3) the construction, clearly as contractor Make Work, of a second boat dock, while leaving the 20th Century Boat Dock in the state of Limbo in which it has existed since it was rended impossible to use as part of the outrages of the 2000's.

The outrages achieved by the Cambridge City Council and the outrages the Cambridge City Council is silent about, with a wink and a nod must be understood as part of this happy return.

First of all, the prior Cambridge City Manager bragged about terrific plans on the Charles River in the months before Cambridge and the DCR destroyed hundreds of trees and animal habitat between the BU and Longfellow Bridges.

We have posted a detailed video of this outrage on the Charles, with forewarning of outrages coming to Magazine Beach.  The principal video, The Destruction of Memorial Drive, January - February 2016, Final Cut is posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTplCCEJP7o.  An international expert’s analysis of the subsequent “improvements,” Nature and Beauty Ripped Out on the Charles River is posted at https://youtu.be/dWyCdcWMuAA.

We provided individual copies of the main video to the Cambridge City Council and Cambridge City Manager with individual copies provided to each councilor.  We would be pleased to provide these to the new councilors as well.

People who fought for the destruction of the hundreds of trees already destroyed through company union tactics and direct action are now fighting for destruction of 56 trees and related damage at Magazine Beach.  They apparently lobbied the City Council to support that destruction and the City Council complied in the outrageous order 1 of April 24, 2017, made promptly after city councilors conducted a lovefest for their claimed environmental sainthood on the steps of city hall.

We debunked this cynical tomfoolery in our letter of June 6, 2017, posted by the city clerk at http://cambridgema.iqm2.com/Citizens/FileOpen.aspx?Type=1&ID=1815&Inline=True, pages 198 to 249 with multiple updates.  In particular we devastated the “dead or dying” falsehood in that motion which in turn was a sanctification of skilled and fraudulent word games by the Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Most recently the city council has happily sat on its hands (“silence with a wink and a nod”) when we reported that the same scoundrels are now directly relocating poisons being dumped on the Magazine Beach playing fields by Cambridge and the DCR into the Charles River through the outrage pictured above.

The reprehensible order 1 of April 24, 2017, gave the DCR a blank check, with praise.  The DCR and Cambridge introduced poison usage at Magazine Beach’s playing fields during the outrages of the 2000's.  Now the DCR and the Cambridge City Council want to expand the poisons to the top of the Magazine Beach hill and between the swimming pool and the Charles River.

To put it succinctly, these outrages are hostile to the bird population.  Dying bees have been seen at Magazine Beach, obviously poisons by the DCR and the Cambridge City Council.

It is most definitely a positive sign that this Cooper’s Hawk is trying to reestablish a habitat at Magazine Beach, but the massive tree destruction of 2016 has a city council which wants a further massive destruction.  AND THE POISONS WHICH CAMBRIDGE AND THE DCR are happily dumping on the playing fields and preventing drainage makes a reprehensible AND ANIMAL DANGEROUS situation worse.

Here, again, are samples of the excellence under attack by the Cambridge City Council, excellent trees needed by the birds, the animals, AND BY OUR WORLD.

It is great to see this Cooper’s Hawk trying to reestablish a habitat at Magazine Beach.

It is flatly and simply reprehensible for the Cambridge City Council and its cheerleaders to be aggressively destroying that habitat.

In implementation of this outrage, we understand that a guilty member of the Cambridge City Council will be a guest at a meeting of the most destructive scoundrels.  At that meeting, this tree destroyer will discuss with a group of tree destroyers how to protect trees.

Rejection of reality in favor of fooling the voters.

2. Turkeys deep in Residential Cambridge, Definitely Bad.

The following photographs were taken on Auburn Street in residential Cambridge on March 15.  Auburn Street is, of course, about three streets south of Massachusetts Avenue in Central Square.  The main artery River Street can be seen in the background of the photo to the right.

Very clearly, wild animals roaming the residential streets of the very densely populated City of Cambridge are excellent examples of the results of the destructive behavior of the Cambridge City Council and its friends.

And, the non stop YELLING AT THE OTHER GUYS by the Cambridge City Council shows the Cambridge City Council’s determination to fool an electorate which expects its city council to be a responsible entity.

3. The Cambridge City Council should give Cambridge honesty in government.

The Cambridge City Council should stop lying that the City Council is pro environment, or change sides to the side The Cambridge City Council claims to be on.

To be specific, we request that, consistent with repeated expression of environmental concerns by THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL, the following actions be taken:

A Retract and rescind the City Council’s action on April 24, 2017, in order 1, supporting the destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees and related outrages in the Magazine Beach recreation area.

B. Trash the Department of Conservation and Recreation as manager of all properties under its jurisdiction in Cambridge in favor of replacement by the Department of Transportation.

C. End the environmental outrages planned by the DCR and Cambridge and reverse, insofar as feasible, the many outrages accomplished by the DCR, Cambridge and related entities from November 1, 1999, to the current date.