Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Charles River: Little Guys’ Parking Lot Destruction Imminent?

Charles River:   Little Guys’ Parking Lot Destruction Imminent?

1. Introduction:
2. Report.
3. Analysis.
4. Recommendation to the Cambridge City Council.

1. Introduction:

On April 24, 2017, members of the Cambridge City Council lot a rally cannonizing themselves as environmental saints on the stairs of City Hall.

They moved inside and their first order passed supported the destruction in the Magazine Beach Recreation Area.  The most reprehensible destruction is the destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees.

Highly irresponsible as well is the proposal to destroy the little guys parking lot used by needy people to have barbeques in the densely treed park at on the hill west of the playing fields.  Naturally, the plans call for massive destruction in those trees as well.

2. Report.

Phil Barber reports this morning, 04-11-18, at 7:46 am

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most likely!

The work to dismantle the small parking place next to the pool seems about ready to start. The area was lined with no parking signs and two earth movers and a dump truck were parked there yesterday ready to go.

I wonder if some of the Phragmiteophobia had something to do with the homeless man who hung out on the benches there. He had a big pile of stuff and a spare bike concealed under a blue tarp in the reeds they tore down. He's the black fellow with dreadlocks who seemed always high. Harmless enough but probably frightening to the same elements who are getting rid of the place where the Riverside folks traditionally parked for their family picnics. They removed the barbecue grills they used a few years ago now from that area too.

 I forget the guy's name now. He would always be there, no matter what the weather, in my numerous observations, even once in a snowstorm. He still cycles by frequently but is no longer4/11/18 ubiquitous.


3. Analysis.

Here are some photos of the area apparently impacted by latest outrage by the Massachusetts Deparment of Conservation and Recreation on the Charles River with the support of the Cambridge City Council.

This area is used for access for parking by poor people to have a place by the water for a barbeque.

The Cambridge City Council is incessant on its claims to be benefiting the needy.  They keep these outrages as quiet as possible.

Here is a distance view:

The sign identifies the Magazine Beach Recreation Area to the public, and makes this beautiful park the core of it.

Tree destruction proposed for this area is massive.  Whether it is going to be done now is impossible to say.  Secrecy is the name of the game, along the many, many, many corrupt practices which are at the core of so much destruction and heartless animal abuse on the Charles River.

This large tree is the ONLY tree in the parking lot NOT slated for destruction.  View is from the west.

Here is a view from the east.  The roadway is the parking lot.  All trees surrounded by the roadway but that one are doomed.

And here are more trees in the parking lot that the Cambridge City Council and Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation want to destroy.

And here is one of their picnic tables.

4. Recommendation to the Cambridge City Council.

The Cambridge City Council should give us honesty in government.

Stop lying that the City Council is pro environment, or change sides to the side you claim to be on.

To be specific, we request that, consistent with repeated expression of environmental concerns by THE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL, the following actions be taken:

A Retract and rescind the City Council’s action on April 24, 2017, in order 1, supporting the destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees and related outrages in the Magazine Beach recreation area.

B. Trash the Department of Conservation and Recreation as manager of all properties under its jurisdiction in Cambridge in favor of replacement by the Department of Transportation.

C. End the environmental outrages planned by the DCR and Cambridge and reverse, insofar as feasible, the many outrages accomplished by the DCR, Cambridge and related entities from November 1, 1999, to the current date.