Thursday, September 26, 2019

Fraudulent Massachusetts / Cambridge, MA “Hearing” on “Memorial Drive Phase III”

Fraudulent Massachusetts / Cambridge, MA “Hearing” on “Memorial Drive Phase III”

1. Destructiveness, incompetence and fraud.
2. The plans kept secret in the meeting announcement.
3. Photos of the outrage kept fraudulently secret.
4. What should be done.
5. The Cambridge City Council shows where it stands.

1. Destructiveness, incompetence and fraud.

These were clearly displayed in the Cambridge / DCR announcement for the September 25, 2019 “hearing” on Memorial Drive, Phase III.  Destructiveness, incompetence and fraud were obviously demonstrated as reasons for the legislature’s destruction of the legislatures well earned destruction of the Metropolitan District Commission.

The concept for the property for which MDC was a guardian as reflected in its destructiveness was good reason to destroy that vile entity.  The sort of fraud demonstrated in the calling of the fake hearing is not at all surprising, and, really, is the principal sort of tool in “accomplishing” the sort of destruction the MDC’s “planners” have implemented since they moved to the Department of Conservation and Recreation when the MDC was justifiably destroyed.  Destructiveness, incompetence and fraud have been normal in their efforts on the Charles River and, were almost certainly used in the MDC.  Incompetent destructiveness needs fraud to “get things done.”

The description provided by the Development Department for the September 25 meeting is as follows.  It renders that meeting null and void and because of the very key omissions render the meeting fraudulent.

* * * *

The state Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) is undertaking the Memorial Drive Phase III project, a redesign of Memorial Drive and adjacent parkland between the BU Bridge and the Eliot Bridge. The project will include a re-thinking of the pathway systems, landscape/trees, the BU rotary, and roadway space.

The City of Cambridge is hosting this meeting to collect community feedback about redesign ideas and the project process. Input from the meeting will inform the city's collaboration with DCR on the project.

For more information about the Memorial Drive Phase III project, visit the DCR's project website.

* * * *

The Cambridge Development Department in announcing the meeting appeared to be simply quoting the fraudulent description of the project used by the DCR, but the Development Department has been a distressing part of the destructiveness and incompetence demonstrated by the DCR and MDC.

2. The plans kept secret in the meeting announcement.

Here are the DCR’s plan for the BU Bridge end of this typically destructive and incompetent DCR / Development Department project.  These are taken from slides previously used by the DCR in such a “hearing.’

The key to the fraud are the portions of the plans extending to the far right and, at the far right, to the bottom.

The latter extension is the BU Bridge.  The announcement of the meeting is that it concerns work WHICH DOES NOT GO TO THE RIGHT OF THE BU BRIDGE.

The plans in the DCR slides very clearly show work to the right of the BU Bridge.  The work in that area is presented in the fourth graphic, destruction of the last habitat of free animals in this portion of the Charles River.

The broken lines running generally diagonally from bottom to top are Grand Junction Railroad.  The Wild Area is to the right.  EVERY TREE IN THE WILD AREA BUT ONE IS SLATED TO BE DESTROYED.

To the left of the Grand Junction Railroad is the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.  This is the last visible portion of their 38 year habitat which has not been destroyed.  The Charles River White Geese are valuable because there are visible and loved, and because there are such long term residents.

Their last abode would be destroyed, at minimum, for trucks to destroy the wild area.  Additionally a magnificent tree towering above the DNA is doomed as well.  Photos below.

They most definitely are not the only wild beings being heartlessly abuse.  They are the most visible victims and the victims who are most connected to the Charles River in Cambridge.  They love it.  This is their home.

We are dealing with destructive people who are aware they are destructive people.

That is the reason for the blatant lie in the call of the meeting.  If they behave responsibly, decent people will react with the contempt that is due to them.

So Fraud.

Here are the plans for that portion of the January 2016 destruction not implemented in January 2016.  The destruction inflicted by the DCR and Cambridge is demonstrated in our video at  It will be noted in the video that, as in these fraudulent “hearings”, more was destroyed that was kept secret from the legislature when the DCR informed the legislature of supposed prior “hearings,” all of which were located to maximize secrecy, a technique of fraud by the MDC, and followed by their “planners” when they moved to the DCR.

The three slides used in the prior fraudulent hearings all show the area east of the BU Bridge shown in the Destruction Slide from the January 2016 plans as part of the project.  Those slides clearly prove fraudulent the claims in the Memorial Drive Phase III’s description that the project ends, going east, at the BU Bridge.

3. Photos of the outrage kept fraudulently secret.

Destruction fraudulently included in the fraudulently hidden plans are as follows:

* * * * * *

The plans destroy the entire Wild Area, the thick woods between the Grand Junction Bridge (left) and the BU Boathouse (right) EXCEPT FOR ONE TREE.  The magnificence of the Wild Area is a key part of the beauty shared from the BU Bridge.

This view is cherished by folks crossing over the BU Bridge and by people both on the Cambridge and Boston side.  The photo was taken from the BU Bridge.

The plans also continue the destruction of the habitat of the beloved 38 year resident Charles River White Geese shown in the Charles River, DESTRUCTIVENESS, INCOMPETENCE (including heartless animal abuse) AND FRAUD.

* * * * * *

* * * * * *

The MDC bragged about the publicly loved Charles River White Geese in multiple highway signs on Memorial Drive and BU Bridge Circle.

The MDC love for the Charles River White Geese ended with the plans given to them by the administration of Cambridge City Manager  Robert Healy.  Healy, in turn, was condemned by three levels of court for his destruction of the life of Malvina Monteiro because she worked for equal pay for equal work.  That included triple damages from the jury demonstrating its contempt for the situation in Cambridge.

Heartless animal abuse.  Heartless human abuse.

A copycat went around the Destroyed Nesting Area killing nesting geese, and assassinating the leader of the gaggle.

Encouraged by the silence of city and state, he used the Destroyed Nesting Area for a Rape and Murder.

* * * * *

Just more destructiveness, incompetence and fraud.

The Department of Conservation and Recreation, successor to the Metropolitan District Commission, the people who, among so many outrages, poisoned the Charles River by blocking the drainage facilities for poisons first dumped on the Charles River during the outrages of the 2000's, poison usage which is being maneuvered in Boston by the DCR for inclusion in the Interstate 90 rebuild on the Boston side as well.

4. What should be done.

End the outrages.  End the DESTRUCTION.  End the INCOMPETENT destruction of the public properties.  End the FRAUD used to get these very terrible goals.

Through the legislature, replace the DCR on the Charles River with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, which has been the adult in the room since the destruction of the MDC by the legislature.  MassDOT.  Managing the other half of the MDC properties on the Charles River, MassDOT has stood up to outrages supported by the DCR and / or Cambridge.

Reverse what is reversible of the legacy of the MDC / DCR, including the heartless blocking of access to the riverbanks by the Charles River White Geese, both across from the Hyatt in the January 2016 outrage and at the river’s banks in the SECRET votes funded by the Cambridge City Council.  Let the Goose Meadow and Wild Area return to the last habitat of free animals on the banks of the Charles, and let Magazine Beach return to their habitat, beloved by residence and tourists.

End the poisoning of the banks of the Charles River and of the Charles River.  Rename the Police Station after Malvina Monteiro, the other very visible victim of the judicially condemned Robert Healy.

5. The Cambridge City Council shows where it stands.

Last Monday, September 26, 2019, the Cambridge City Council voted to provide funds to people who poisoned the Charles River with an algae infestation.

Their “reason” for the poisoning was that they were destroying vegetation on the river banks they did not like.  So they rerouted poisons from the area the vegetation they did not like lived.  The vegetation feeds on the poisons.  Rather than end to poisoning of the Charles River’s banks, they blocked drainage facilities which drained off the poisons.  Rather than end the poisons, they rerouted the poisons into the Charles River.

There was another purpose for the Cambridge City Council voting to pay money to these destructive people.  These destructive people are fighting for the destruction of 59 or more mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach on the Charles River.  These destructive people helped in the destruction of more than 150 excellent trees east of the BU Bridge, in plans which included this latest destruction but which destruction was not implemented.

The payoff to these destructive people would provide the first action moving toward the destruction of six CLEARLY EXCELLENT TREES which are still growing and have decades before they reach maturity.

Here is a photo of these excellent particular trees who destruction the Cambridge City Council helped.

And, oh yeah, the Cambridge City Council also includes fraud.  A lot of its members loudly claim to be environmental saints.