Saturday, October 12, 2019

Bimal Nepal Video in Homage to the Charles River White Geese

Bimal Nepal Video in Homage to the Charles River White Geese: .

1, Video of beautiful animals.
2. Limited History.
3. The plans, related photos.
4. What to do.

1. Video of beautiful animals.

I found a new video on the 38 year resident Charles River White Geese.  It is a few years old, but I have not seen it before.  There are a lot of homages to the Charles River White Geese on the Internet.

The video is entitled: “White Geese: Charles River Cambridge, Massachusetts.”  It is by Bimal Nepal, Photographer, it is posted at

Here is a still from the video.

The video combines a good view of the gaggle in a portion of the Destroyed Nesting Area of the 38 year resident Charles River White Geese which has a history and which is threatened using corrupt tactics.

This tiny area is all that remains of a habitat which extended a mile or so on the northern (Cambridge) bank of the Charles River, centered on the BU Bridge.  A very major and beautiful tourist attraction bringing in admirers from around the world and Boston suburbs; admirers as diverse as the maker of this filmed homage.

2. Limited History.

This portion was thickly vegetated with the sort of habitat which is excellent for wild animals.  It did not resemble the gardens the destroyers demand that they destroy habitat to create.  It was habitat.

The large area away from the BU Bridge was destroyed NEEDLESSLY as part of the rebuild of the BU Bridge as established by Department of Conservation and Recreation “planners.”

The area right next to the BU Bridge had to be destroyed for access in the BU Bridge project.  The DCR’s outrageous plans destroyed an area parallel to the ramp next to the Memorial Drive overpass in addition to a relatively limited area which needed to be destroyed for access to the BU Bridge.

The lie was that the state would ameliorate the destruction, but the DCR does not maintain its “creations.”  So silly garden bushes were simply allowed to die and were replaced with the dirt which was created by the needless destruction of this area.

A lot of stones were dumped by railroad workers after the BU Bridge work.  The Cambridge Conservation Commission condemned that work.  So the DCR had them move further from the Charles River than the end of the CCC jurisdiction.  This area is not in the CCC jurisdiction.

Most of the stones visible in this video were deliberately dumped into the animal habitat in accordance with DCR “plans.”

The video gives the impression of one continuous shoot walking around the gaggle of the Charles River White Geese.  It is possible to see one of the added tools of starvation in the video, orange plastic blocking off the entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The Charles River White Geese did an unacceptable thing through that entrance.  They went through it for food, grass, under the Memorial Drive overpass.  They were responsible jaywalkers.  They would wait on the sidewalk until all cars had cleared, and then cross to their food.  Unfortunately, they walked like geese.  Some dawdled.  That did not bother the drivers.  They admired the beauty.

But they were feeding.  Feeding by free animals is unacceptable to the sick people controlling the DCR.  So they blocked the entrance with orange plastic.

The camera shows the hill under the side walk.  It shows the BU Bridge.

3. The plans, related photos.

This location is key in FRAUDULENT meetings being conducted by the DCR with the blessing of the City of Cambridge.

The location was in the plans for destruction during the January 2016 outrage documented in our video at

The fraud in the ongoing planning has been analyzed at

The DCR working with the City of Cambridge is planning further destruction and lying about what it is doing.  Nothing unusual.

Here are the plans from the destruction plans for January 2016.

The lines running vaguely diagonal from bottom to top are the Grand Junction railroad.  To the right is the Wild Area.  To the left is the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.  The above still is taken slightly to the left of and below the large blacked in circle which denotes the magnificent tree in the second following photo.

Here is a photo of the Wild Area.  The white figures in the Charles River are a gaggle of the Charles River White Geese.  They are looking for what little food has not been denied them by Cambridge and the DCR.

In addition to being part of the last refuge in the area for free animals, the Wild Area is an excellent part of the view crossing the BU Bridge, from which the photo is taken, and from Memorial Drive, vaguely visible above the tracks between the Destroyed Nesting Area on the left, and the Wild Area on the right.  The plans show exactly one tree NOT DESTROYED in the Wild Area.

We are dealing with extreme incompetence.  The people doing the “planning” poisoned the Charles River this year in an expansion of the introduction of poisons into the Magazine Beach playing fields in the 2000's outrage.  Our report on this is at  The report includes a sign posted by the DCR admitting responsibility.

Trucks doing the destruction of the Wild Area would travel through the area where the Charles River White Geese are shown in the video, to the left in this photo.

The large blackened circle in the DNA part of the plans show this magnificent tree being destroyed, another part of the excellent view for all.

The tree is above the camera in the video.

As is not unusual in DCR actions, their publicity of their plans is FRAUDULENT.  The announcement says they are not developing east of the BU Bridge.  The BU Bridge is to the left in all these photos, and visible in part of the video.

At a meeting I leafleted, a lot of destructive people showed up to cheer on destruction.  Responsible people did not show up in such numbers.  That, after all, is normal when you have fraud which hides destruction.  The irresponsible people show up to praise.  The responsible people are silly enough to expect honesty from a government which says it is not working in this area.

Slides posted on the Internet found on careful search show the work area running to the right / east of the BU Bridge, to the eastern end of the Wild Area.  Those slides are are kept secret in the meeting announcement.  This sort of thing is called “getting things done” by the terrible type of people we are dealing with.

Here is one of the slides.  The BU Bridge is the downward appendage.  The DNA and the Wild Area is the abutting area to the right.

There are constant views of the Charles River White Geese in this area in the video.  Here is a more noble photo of them admiring the Charles at a location a good distance behind the camera, but still in their Destroyed Nesting Area.

The impending destruction here is comparable to the poisoning of the Charles River by the DCR, link above.

The woman who was the DCR’s agent in the poisoning of the Charles River was recently given a contract by the Cambridge City Council for environmental decision making as part of the imminent destruction of 59 or more trees by the DCR and the Cambridge City Council in the Magazine Beach recreation area, west of the BU Bridge.  The vote included furtherance of her fight to destroy vegetation she does not like which was her excuse for poisoning the Charles.

In another context, the Charles River Poisoner has been called the City Council / a particular Councilor’s“kind of activists” with regard to one of the many SECRET votes taken concerning the Charles by the Cambridge City Council.  That particular SECRET vote saw no other explanation for the vote.

4. What to do.

There is a solution to all this destruction.  The legislature tried to protect state properties from the destructiveness of the DCR’s predecessor on the Charles River, the Metropolitan District Commission.  The legislature implemented this contempt for the MDC by destroying the MDC.  The legislature gave the Charles River responsibilities of the MDC to the DCR and to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, MassDOT.

MassDOT has been the adult in the room with the destruction, incompetence and animal abuse of the DCR and the City of Cambridge.  MassDOT has been frequently been a shining light, especially when compared to the lack of responsibility of the two entities with whom it has been associated.

The legislature should finish the job on the Charles River.  It should give the DCR properties on the Charles River to MassDOT.