Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Developer Hated NON PAID FOR Vegetation Thrives on Charles River. Charles River Poisoner Rewarded by Cambridge City Council.

Developer Hated NON PAID FOR Vegetation Thrives on Charles River.  Charles River Poisoner Rewarded by Cambridge City Council.

1. Introduction.
A. Fighting the Destruction of Harvard Square.
B, The Ongoing Destruction of the Charles River.
2. Phil’s Report.
3. Photo Elaboration.
A. Phragmites in Context.  Responsible Neighboring Community Contrasted to Cambridge.
B. Phragmites on the Charles River.
C. “Activist” creates Public Health Emergency on the Charles River by attacking NON PAID FOR vegetation.
4. Cambridge City Council rewards the Charles River Poisoner.
A. Fake Protection, Fake Protective Groups.
B. The Cambridge City Council rewards the Charles River Poisoner.  Details of the site.
C. The Cambridge City Council’s Payoff to the Charles River Poisoner.

1. Introduction.

A. Fighting the Destruction of Harvard Square.

I have been severely taxed trying to prevent destruction of Harvard Square through that zoning vote by Cambridge MS, USA’s City Council.  Regrettably, all NINE of its members voted for an outrage.  That says everything that needs to be said about NINE Cambridge City Councilors.

I normally do not go into internal matters to Friends of the White Geese and these blog reports.  One administrative matter rather glared at me yesterday doing my administrative responsibilities.  On this blog, we have had a few, rather limited, reports on the outrage being inflicted on Harvard Square by NINE destructive Cambridge City Councilors.  The blog management very religiously reports to us the hits we get on this blog.

During the publication of our relatively few reports on the destruction being inflicted on Harvard Square by those NINE councilors, the monthly hits on this blog were approximate FIVE TIMES our previous MAXIMUM monthly hits.

B, The Ongoing Destruction of the Charles River.

Now I am catching up on my correspondence.

This is my second report based on the same update from Phil.  The prior report provides analysis and overall photos of the area of the Charles River being destroyed by the Destructive Duo, Cambridge and the state Department of Conservation and Recreation.  The photos were stills recreated from “Cambridge to Boston with the DJI Inspire 1, Drone Footage” posted at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sN-OmMzvHhw.

Here, once again, are the two key stills viewing the west and east parts of the Charles River under attack by the Destructive Duo, presented at run times 10.02 and 10.54, respectively.

My complete report is posted at https://charlesriverwhitegeeseblog.blogspot.com/2020/03/panoramic-photos-of-targeted-part-of.html.

I will edit Phil’s report for your understanding and mix in stills from the first of the three drone films he aimed me at.  That report was extremely valuable.  It included the links to the URL’s from the drone footage of the area of the Charles River being attacked by the Destructive Duo.  I provided general area views from the drone footage here as in my last report.

For your understanding, I am including an analysis which is much longer than Phil’s report.  A lot of background gets assumed by us when we see more outrages coming from the Destructive Duo.  You are getting the background.

As in the prior report, I will provide the run time of the stills for complete attribution.  I am also including some stock footage.  If it is not identified it is from me,

One other possible caveat, during the consideration of the Harvard Square destruction, I publicly supported renewal of the City Manager’s contract.  That was because, IN CONTRAST TO HIS THREE PREDECESSORS, he appears to be just doing his job.  The lack of responsibility before very clearly came from three bad City Managers.  Here, at least to me, the City Manager has communicated that he is not calling the shots on irresponsible behavior, but that the City Council, measured at NINE out of NINE in the Harvard Square outrage, is calling the shots and he is just doing his job.

2. Phil’s Report.

I did notice that the eastern drainage area has been marked off with pink ribbons marked "wet area 06" so I assume they are mounting another attack on the Phragmites. The lovely reeds have been scattering literally millions of fluffy seeds to the winds since Autumn, so they will be pretty much unstoppable.  It looks like some Magazine Beach users may have been, as well, collecting and scattering seed heads at different wet spots and along the shoreline, just to be certain they survive the tender ministrations of the "friends of nature".

3. Photo Elaboration.

A. Phragmites in Context.  Responsible Neighboring Community Contrasted to Cambridge.

First of all, Phil talks of Phragmites.  These are beautiful reeds which distress the development hierarchy to no end.  It seems that they grow without any of their members being paid.  That is a no no to people who see no value in anything unless they make money off it.

This distinction is comparable to the outrage of the Cambridge City Council at Harvard Square.  They are turning historical buildings into a Theme Park.  They are destroying excellent historical structures so they can be replaced with something members of the Development Community will be making money from, Theme Park construction which proudly replaces in totality what they have destroyed.

At Magazine Beach, the Development Community destroys these beautiful reeds so their community can make money installing the IN type of vegetation from which the Development Community makes money.

Here is a file photo of Phil’s showing a responsible neighboring community, Somerville.  Somerville has made a museum quality display out these excellent reeds in its portion of the Alewife reservation which is located just outbound from the Red Line subway’s terminal at Alewife Station

In the Cambridge part of the Alewife reservation is a thick centuries old forest.  The Cambridge City Council has referred to this forest, the Silver Maple Forest, as an “irreplaceable” beauty.  So naturally Cambridge and the DCR has destroyed 3.4 acres of the Silver Maple Forest.

Here is my after photo:

The thick forest used to fill this entire area until it was destroyed by the Destructive Duo, the Cambridge City Council and the state’s Department of Conservation and Recreation.

B. Phragmites on the Charles River.

Here, from minute 7.11 of the drone video is a cropped drone still of the Magazine Beach playing fields.

Until the Destructive Duo started their heartless abuse, the Charles River White Geese lived in this area most of the year.

Like the Phragmites, the Charles River White Geese have a fatal defect.  They are a major tourist attraction and highly valuable as a source of beauty.  BUT the Development Community does not make money off them.  Therefore, to the Development Community, they have no value.

The vegetation at the water’s edge was introduced in the 2000's by the Destructive Duo.  It has grown to a height of easily 15 feet and blocks access for food and habitat by the 39 year resident Charles River White Geese.  The opening toward the bottom right was left for a boat dock which existed for most of the 20th Century.

The grey area near the lower right is a corner of the large parking lot where trucks used to park which brought boats to be placed in the river so people WITHOUT PAYING ANYBODY FROM THE IN CROWD could use the Charles River.

The Destructive Duo did not actually destroy the Boat Dock.  They simply constructed obstacles.  So, for all practical purposes, they destroyed the boat dock.  In recent years, the Destructive Duo have spent money here.  It looks beautiful, but:

It continues to block the same free access, and

It makes access by the Charles River White Geese even harder.

Here is my photo from more than five years ago of the blocked boat dock opening with an ADULT WOMAN overwhelmed by the starvation wall.  It is much larger now. [key goose photos, Magazine Beach]

At the same time as heartlessly abusing the Charles River White Geese and other animals of no value to the IN crowd, the Destructive Duo introduced poisons into the environment, clearly harmful to resident animals, but the resident animals have no value to the IN crowd.

So the Destructive Duo introduced, at great expense, two drainage facilities to drain off the poisons they should not even be using on the banks of the Charles River.

Here is a closer drone view, from drone 1 footage, minute 7.26.

There are two drainage areas.  This is the main drainage area.  It has the fancy part of the drainage system.  Further west (above in this photo) is a second drainage area which feeds into the main drainage area.  That is visible in the prior drone crop beyond showing beyond the T shaped main drainage area.

Notice the swaths of dirt.  This is created because the Destructive Duo replaced grass which had been here for a Century with grass the Development Community makes money out of.  It needs their beloved poisons to survive.  But it also is inferior to the grass destroyed and is severely harmed by normal use.

C. “Activist” creates Public Health Emergency on the Charles River by attacking NON PAID FOR vegetation.

The IN crowd is distressed, the Phragmites WITHOUT ANYBODY BEING PAID, has taken over the main drainage area BECAUSE THE PHRAGMITES FEED ON the poisons loved by the Destructive Duo.  So the Phragmites is valuable to the environment because it is drinking up the poisons which should not be used on this area in the first place.  But the IN crowd is making no money.

Here is a photo of the main (east) drainage area, from minute 10.26, taken from a northern approach.

I have previously published Phil’s photo of a sign posted by the DCR bragging of outrages coming from the Destructive Duo.

Here is the right and left portions of a key sign.  It admits that blocking the drainage keeps Destructive Duo poisons out of the Charles where they would be destructive. 

So they, through the Charles River Poisoner blocked the drainage.  And created a Public Health Emergency..

In December 2017, a woman frequently praised by the Cambridge City Council blocked the drainage system.  She acted with FEDERAL (What is that guy’s name?) money working for the DCR with help from the City of Cambridge.  She led a group of “volunteers” provided by the DCR.

With the usual FRAUDULENT environmental claims to the VOLUNTEERS, they removed Phragmites from the main drain area.  They inserted plastic sheets blocking the poison flow from entering the drain area.  They thus moved the poisons introduced by the Destructive Duo into the Charles River.

My photo of the blockage:

The Starvation Wall is visible above the black plastic, then the Charles River followed by Boston vegetation and Boston University Buildings.

A caveat on the money.  The expenditure was during the first year of the term of the incumbent president.  HOWEVER, it was in the LAST TERM of the then local US Representative.  The replacement of Congressperson Capuano effective with the beginning of 2019 COULD have changed a destructive situation.

Whether the administrator of the incumbent president was guilty or Capuano is impossible to say.  It was obviously the “achievement” of the DCR.

Here is Phil’s photo of an early algae pool next to (left of in the above picture) the blocked drainage.

Here is one of many photos from Phil showing the algae growth resulting from blocking the drainage.  Photo taking taken of an area in the Charles River off the shore of Magazine Beach, beyond the Starvation Wall.

And, here is a photo of the City of Cambridge picking up the Phragmites dug out of the drainage area.

In 2019, fake protective groups influenced by the DCR noticed the poisoning and got major publicity with the creation of a Public Health Hazard designation.  It is highly likely that these fake protective groups were not aware that the poisoning was done by a woman working as agent of the DCR with assistance of the other member of the Destructive Duo.  Fake protective groups DO NOT deviate from the party line.

I sent several communications to government entities.

The outrage in the drainage ditch was removed.  Perhaps as a result of actions by the City Manager?  The Charles River Poisoner publicly acknowledged that, after the blockage had been place for more than a year and a half, she had been forced to remove it.

4. Cambridge City Council rewards the Charles River Poisoner.

A. Fake Protection, Fake Protective Groups.

These destructive followers of the City of Cambridge keep showing up, doing terrible things on behalf of the DCR and the Cambridge Development Department.  They keep bragging UNTIL THE LIES ARE NO LONGER EFFECTIVE.  And they pat each other on the back with mutual and unfounded lies of environmental sainthood.

The Charles River Poisoner fought for the January 2016 outrage by leading a fake protective group which loudly claimed to be protecting the Charles.  She combined non stop bragging of all the great work they were doing.  At the same time they suppressed public knowledge of the plans of the Destructive Duo for destruction of hundreds of trees between the BU Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge.


In the meeting of the fake group just before the January 2016 outrage, I was shouted down when seeking responsible behavior from this fake group.  “NOT IN OUR JURISDICTION.”

In the meeting after hundreds of trees were destroyed, the fake group had no problems with discussing whether they should be paid off for their assistance by having a say in saplings replacing the excellent trees they had used their Company Union tactics to help destroy.

The Charles River Poisoner is now running around fighting to destroy 60+ mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach, lying that she is not destroying trees.

The tactics are similar to the woman who was key in the vote of the Cambridge City Council for massive Harvard Square destruction and creation of Theme Park buildings IN PLACE OF MEANINGFUL HISTORICAL BUILDINGS in Harvard Square.  That women LOUDLY AND REPEATEDLY denies that she is destroying historical / important buildings.  But that is not reality.

The pitch appears to be that historical buildings of Harvard Square would not be destroyed; they would be “conserved” by being 100% destroyed and then having 100% new Theme Park structures created in their place.  I provided a detailed response of that FRAUD.  FRAUD is very much too common when dealing with the fake protective groups.

loudly yelled at private contractors OBEYING ZONING CONTROLLED BY THE CITY COUNCIL.

Simultaneously the Company Union told people to


ignore the PLANS BY THE DESTRUCTIVE DUO which resulted in the massive destruction reported above.

And the Cambridge City Council repeatedly verbally attacked developers for destruction ALLOWED BY MUNICIPAL ZONING.  “Irreplaceable” Silver Maple Forest was the term the hypocritical Cambridge City Council used when yelling at the other guy FOR OBEYING MUNICIPAL ZONING, and at the same time as the Cambridge City Council destroyed 3.4 acres of the “Irreplaceable” Silver Maple Forest..

This stunt is equivalent to the votes to destroy Harvard Square just taken by NINE members of the City Council.  Very much assuredly, this fake protective group with its FRAUDULENT tactics will be yelling at the developers or fake regulators rather than at the GUILTY nine members of the City Council.

Simultaneously with the ongoing destruction at Magazine Beach by the Destructive Duo, the City Council has created an ordinance yelling at PRIVATE PEOPLE for destroying trees on their own property, AT A SCALE FAR BELOW THE OUTRAGES ON THE CHARLES RIVER BY THE DESTRUCTIVE DUO.

The Destructive Duo, of course, is exempt from the “protections.”

Business as usual from a highly destructive and fraud practiced around the Cambridge City Council.

B. The Cambridge City Council rewards the Charles River Poisoner.  Details of the site.

Here is my photo of the excellent grove across from MicroCenter (see my prior report on them) and next to the swimming pool which the Destructive Duo (with Cambridge City Council lying of sainthood) want destroyed.

Here is a crop from minute 10.02 of the drone 1 footage.  I should be able to get better shots as I go through the videos.

Memorial Drive runs along the Charles River in Cambridge.  It is below in this picture.  It is the grey area to the bottom right.

The white area is the DCR swimming pool.  Its supporting structure is gray below / to the right of the pool.

Large trees to the right facing Memorial Drive and the MicroCenter. are doomed as the next step after “improvements” by the Charles River Poisoner under pay approved by the Cambridge City Council..

Between the pool and the Charles River is, on the left plus closer to the river, native (shudder) grass which “needs to be replaced” with poison drinking grass to give proper moneys to the Development Community.  The grey area between the river and the pool is part of the parking lot which follows the Charles River and feeds into Memorial Drive to the mid right.

The “excuse” for destroying these excellent trees is to move the parking lot which follows the Charles to a location which the Destructive Duo prefers.   There are other heinous real reasons.  The simplest is Class Patronage.  Members of the Development Community get paid to destroy and to “repair” destruction.  Patronage to a particular entity is illegal.  Patronage to a class is not.  A rising tide raises all ships.

This report runs 10 pages in hard copy expanding on one paragraph from Phil.  I will go into, and have gone into, greater detail as to the more grand scale reasons for destruction.

Simultaneously, the DCR is working on the I-90 rebuild in Boston.  They will not deny plans to introduce poisons into that area of Boston AND THE CHARLES as part of the project.

My resolution of that problem is the same as my resolution of the problems on the Cambridge side — replace the DCR with the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.  MassDOT is not perfect, but it has often been the adult in the room with the highly destructive pair, the Destructive Duo.

C. The Cambridge City Council’s Payoff to the Charles River Poisoner.

The City Council voted money to pay the Charles River Poisoner.  The official explanation was as an environmental adviser.

The Charles River Poisoner is being paid to organize destruction of her detested FREE VEGETATION.  And to move the grassy area on top of the parking area next to it.  The vote included favorable words with regard to her supposed reasons for destruction that resulted in the poisoning of the Charles River.

That parking area, of course, is part of the “reason” for destroying that excellent grove.  The parking area runs from this area along the right edge of the photo.