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The Charles River White Geese during the pandemic

The Charles River White Geese during the pandemic

1. Introduction.
2. Detailed photos.
A. Approach to the Destroyed Nesting Area from Magazine Beach.
B. Entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.
C. Middle of the Destroyed Nesting Area.
D. Core of the Destroyed Nesting Area.
E. The Riverfront.
        COUNCIL WANTS TO DESTROY.  Heartless animal abuse and heartless human abuse.
4. Context.
A. Taken from minute 10.54.
B. Taken from minute 10.02.
5. Responsible Solution.

1. Introduction.

Glamour shot of the Charles River White Geese.

This view is from their Destroyed Nesting Area with the Charles River in the background, and the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge at the top.

I have recently taken a lot of photos of the Charles River White Geese in their enforced, food destroyed ghetto, their Destroyed Nesting Area.

The dominating situation at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese is the belligerent destructiveness and incompetence of the state agency which supposedly is managing their lives.  That lack of fitness to manage the environment is praised AND FUNDED by the Cambridge City Council.

The Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation bragged about the Charles River White Geese until the Cambridge City Manager proposed a plan to destroy for them their home of most of the last 39 years.

Since then, outrage has followed outrage.  During the worst of the outrages, the environmentally destructive and highly hypocritical Cambridge City Council has been evil.  This irresponsibility has been through silence when outrage was called for, and through outright support, financially and cheerleading, including destructive actions done as SECRETLY AS POSSIBLE.  Destruction has included destruction of most of the formerly mile long habitat of the Charles River White Geese. destruction which is being made worse through the recent SECRET votes.

The Cambridge City Council topped off their outrages by funding the appointment of the woman who created last year’s Charles River Poisoning.  The destructive Cambridge City Council is paying her for “environmental” work on the Charles River.

The Cambridge City Council  is setting the groundwork for the destruction of the key EXCELLENT key grove in the Magazine Beach Recreation Area west of the swimming pool and across the street from the parking lot of the MicroCenter Shopping Center.

Here is a close up of this excellent AND DOOMED grove.  As with so much of the outrage on the Charles, it is difficult to get a panoramic shot of pending destruction.

This destruction is as part of the ongoing and accelerating destruction of 59+ trees at Magazine Beach, the ramping up of poisons there and habitat destruction.  This is part of plans to destroy 325 to 400 trees and animal habitat on the Charles River, of which between 150 and 175 trees have already been destroyed.  The poisoning of the Charles River by the Charles River Poisoner was done as agent for the DCR with funds from 45's administration and physical assistance of the Cambridge Government.

This year, the Cambridge City Council has UNANIMOUSLY reaffirmed its contempt for the environment through an outrageously destructive upzoning of the beloved Harvard Square which will destroy housing, small businesses, historical buildings, the most beloved newish building in the square, and a whole bunch of open space and trees.

A lot of the destroyed uses, it would appear, will be moved to Harvard’s campus in planning at the I90 (Mass. Pike) exit to Cambridge and to the Brighton neighborhood of Boston.  Harvard’s new Mass. Pike campus is visible across the Charles River from Magazine Beach.

Plus, of course, as part of the package, the usual pols, bureaucrats and frauds are fighting for major damage to the animal habitat on the Charles River.

Fraud has been highly visible from key activists in the fight to destroy the Charles River and the fight to destroy Harvard Square.

The Charles River Poisoner repeatly lies by denying that she is destroying trees.  The Harvard Square Destroyer repeatedly denies that she and NINE CITY COUNCILORS are destroying anything.

2. Detailed photos.

A. Approach to the Destroyed Nesting Area from Magazine Beach.

Here are views placing the Destroyed Nesting Area in context.

Here are pages 9 and 10 of my June 6, 2017 letter to the Cambridge City Council and Cambridge City Manager.  This northeast extreme of the Magazine Beach Playing Fields were popular with the Charles River White Geese before the heartless abuse started.  Pages 9 and 10 (after printing the plans) spell out planned destruction in this area.

The Cambridge City Council did not want to know what it was doing, and AS IT HAS IMPLEMENTED THESE OUTRAGEOUS PLANS, continued to not want to know what it is doing.  And both on the Charles River and at Harvard Square are key "activists" fighting and lying for the cause.

On the Charles River, the key “ACTIVIST” is getting paid for “environmental” work even after she has clearly poisoned the Charles River as agent for the DCR.

The Cambridge City Council has made the Charles River portion of this eastern area WORSE and more destructive in the City Council’s recent SECRET funding votes.

You can increase the views by double clicking.  Scans of all pages in this letter are posted on the Charles River White Geese page at  Double clicking from this base would be more effective.

Here is the view on my way to the Destroyed Nesting Area.

You compare the two.  Additionally, I have since followed up with a lot of photos, which I will use in later posts.

In this photo, the Destroyed Nesting Area is straight ahead.  Those big trees are in the DNA.  The walk would be highly dangerous for the Charles River White Geese.  I do not think they tried it even before the DCR blocked off access as part of the starvation attacks.  However, before the Cambridge City Manager made the initial initiative for destruction, the DCR has signs posted bragging of the Charles River White Geese and asking courtesy toward them from drivers.

Here is a closer view of the area between Magazine Beach and the Destroyed Nesting Area.  The brick structure dominating the photo is the Memorial Drive overpass above the BU Bridge rotary.  The turn at the right goes to the BU Bridge.  The trees viewed after the highway to the right point are in the Destroyed Nesting Area.

Memorial Drive is the boulevard following the Charles River on the north side of the Charles.  It has a counterpart on the south, Boston side.

B. Entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

Here is the entrance to the Destroyed Nesting Area.  Memorial Drive is to the left on the far side of the off ramp coming from the BU Bridge traffic circle.

The traffic cones are the DCR’s reaction to the fact that the Charles River White Geese had the nerve to cross the off ramps to get the last food not destroyed to them, under the overpass.

The Charles River White Geese were excellent jaywalkers.  They would stand on the sidewalk and wait until the ramp was clear, then cross.  A few of them would, unfortunately, behave like geese and wander on the way to the food.  Boston area Commuters happily waited for them to finish their crossing, with big smiles on their faces in admiration.

The DCR finds the availability of food unacceptable.  So they blocked and continue to block the entrance to maximize the starvation of the Charles River White Geese.

The massive tree which dominates this photo was slated for destruction in the outrages of January 2016 in which DCR / Cambridge destroyed more than 150 mostly excellent trees between the BU Bridge and the second bridge further east, the Longfellow Bridge, plus animal habitat.

It was missed.  It is now slated for destruction in the next phase of destruction.  “Public Meetings” with fraudulent announcement were made, letting lobbyists for destruction know while keeping the outrageous parts secret in the supposed announcement.  Slides included this destruction zone.

Our video on the outrage of January 2016 included full plans for destruction here and presaged the current outrage at Magazine Beach.  It is posted at, Memorial Drive Destruction, January 2016, final cut.  The Cambridge City Council has publicly praised the destructive plans wording it to allow deniability of the outrage.  Also planned for destruction is the thick woods (minus 1 tree) beyond the DNA, as explained in the video.

The key lie in the original destruction of the Nesting Area was that it was being made into a “park.”  Nobody used it except for free animals, so the DCR has stopped that particular lie with EMPHASIS by the blocking of the entrance.

Initial destruction was by Boston University.  BU showed knowledge of its vileness through repeated denials of guilt.  BU reversed these lies after the Cambridge Conservation Commission condemned BU for the destruction.

Here is the view of the Destroyed Nesting Area as you enter it, after multiple waves of destruction..

The crushed rock is the DCR’s idea of habitat.  The dirt is the DCR’s idea of maintenance.  They have no use for natural growth so ground vegetation is aggressively destroyed or allowed to die, WHILE HUMAN TRASH IS ALLOWED TO ACCUMULATE.

Translation: The DCR is bragging of its incompetence.

C. Middle of the Destroyed Nesting Area.

The dirt at the end of the path is an excellent example.  First fake protectors, paid staff and “volunteers” both fools who mean well and paid employees of the DCR and Cambridge’s bed mates destroyed valuable ground vegetation and replaced it with the DCR’s beloved dirt.

Then railroad workers used this valuable area as a parking lot, rather than parking along the access ramp (as was done by MassDOT workers on the BU Bridge).  The Cambridge Conservation Commission objected.  So the DCR told the workers to move back beyond the line of jurisdiction of the CCC and continued destruction, plus added a whole slew of more crushed rock, showing their agreement in the environmental contempt of the belligerently incompletent DCR.

The vegetation is a mixture of planted AND NOT MAINTAINED shrubs which would be too thick to be useful for the Charles River White Geese and fellow free animals, plus long time vegetation which is the remnants of vegetation dumped on top of native vegetation back in the 1999 destruction by Boston University.

Here is a Charles River White Geese female on her nest in the remaining vegetation from Boston University's destruction of November 1999.

Note the black plastic above the nest.  This is another common example of the DCR’s incompetence.  It has been there for about a decade.  The DCR is too irresponsible to remove it.  They are too busy destroying and starving.  That, to them, is the important stuff.

I only saw one baby during the day.  Others may have been on the Charles with their parents.

D. Core of the Destroyed Nesting Area.

Here is a panorama of the Charles River White Geese trying to live in the formerly lush nesting area in dirt created by the irresponsibility of the DCR, mixed with human trash which the DCR is too irresponsible to pick up.  Picking up human trash would  responsible.  They only pick up vegetation which would make the area livable for free animals and keep the dirt from washing away.

On the left is the formerly lush woods which has been destroyed by the DCR incompetence.  In the middle and to the right are glimpses of the Charles River, where most of the gaggle probably was.  Extending from the middle to the right toward the top of the river is the Grand Junction railroad bridge.  Under most of half of this view are part of its supports.  To the right is vegetation which remains from the Boston University outrage of 1999.

Here is a photo of that vegetation from the river side of the vegetation.  A a number of nesting geese can be seen.  The previous shot was taken from the area near the far end of this vegetation.  Both the dirt and the crushed rock have been introduced into this formerly lush area by the DCR / its friends.

Considerable trash can be viewed.  Irresponsibility on the part of the DCR is one of the things the Cambridge City Council and the usual “activists” are particularly proud of.

The alternative to THIS incompetence from the DCR would be more dirt.

E. The Riverfront.

Here is a view of the dirt and the Charles toward the right edge of the panorama.  Highly common is the DCR’s beloved human trash.  They only have money for destruction.

Three White Geese are visible, right, left and at the water.  A lot of trash is left by the irresponsible DCR as part of their continuing contempt for their responsibilities.  The right goose is probably just resting.

Here is the same view moving the camera to the right.  Visible are the same three plus two others and the eastern end of an inlet in the western part of the DNA.  Plus the Grand Junction railroad bridge and the DCR’s beloved human trash.  The DCR shows their for their destructive bedfellows in the City of Cambridge with all this human trash.


Destructive “activists” MAY get around to doing work the DCR is too irresponsible to do.

The DCR AND THEIR CONTROLLED “ACTIVISTS” find environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse much more useful ways to spend money.

Here is the inlet to the right of the above pictures.

Stones may have been introduced by the DCR which reduce access for the Charles River White Geese to and from the Charles River.

And moving to the right.

Here is a view of the area, FORMERLY HEAVILY VEGETATED, through which we have come.

Moving back to the left (east), here is a nest above the water.  The Charles River White Geese desperately put there nests in the very few NOT DESTROYED areas.

And a goose couple with their baby.  This was the only offspring I saw, but others could be on the water with their parents.

Views such as this were normal on Magazine Beach before the heartless animal abuse became policy integrated with fraudulent claims of environmental sainthood from the Cambridge City Council.

F. PART of the next place the ENVIRONMENTALLY DESTRUCTIVE CAMBRIDGE CITY COUNCIL WANTS TO DESTROY.  Heartless animal abuse and heartless human abuse.

Coming back to the panoramic view, here are a number of geese in the not yet destroyed woods below the railroad tracks.  The Cambridge City Council has plans to destroy in these woods.

The ground vegetation has been wiped out by DCR employees and fake protectors since destruction on the Charles became policy, a policy originating in the office of Cambridge City Manager Healy starting in 1997.

Healy, during the same period as working for heartless animal abuse on the banks of the Charles River was involved in heartless human abuse of black female Cape Verdean department head Malvina Monteiro because she had the nerve to demand equal pay for equal work.

Animal abusers frequently graduate to humans.  Healy was condemned by three levels of court in awards which along with costs exceeded ten million dollars.  A copycat is in jail for rape and murder of a woman in this location.

The Cambridge City Council showed their impression of City Manager Healy by naming the police station after him.

The human killer had been killing nesting geese in the area, culminating in the killing of the leader of the gaggle.  Responsible people demanded the Cambridge City Council end the outrage.  The Cambridge City Council spent an hour discussing the rape and murder but they did not want to know where it happened.

The ninth member briefly mentioned the location, swallowed her words and looked around guiltily.  She retired from City Council and has been active in the currently accelerating outrages, ON THE DESTRUCTIVE SIDE, OF COURSE.

Our photo at the beginning of this report showed the Charles River White Geese in the Rape location, DIRECTLY BEHIND THE CAMERA IN THE ABOVE PHOTO.  Here is another copy.

The portion of the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge above their heads is close to or the actual location of the murder by the City Manager / DCR’s copycat.

For the opinion of the Trial Judge calling Healy’s behavior “REPREHENSIBLE,” see

For the Appeals Court panel’s opinion called not an opinion, see  The panel refused to dignify the Cambridge Appeal by calling their opinion an opinion.  This was pretty much as strong a communication of contempt for the Cambridge City Manager and for the Cambridge City Council as could be imagined.

The Cambridge City Council showed its attitude for Healy by naming the Police Station after him no particularly long after receiving these formal communications of contempt for him.

3. Related and Coming Major Outrages.

Cambridge and the DCR have plans to destroy the thick woods on the other side of the Grand Junction Tracks.

The DCR used corrupt tactics to conduct what it will lie was a public hearing on the destruction.  A unanimous Cambridge City Council, hiding behind the corrupt tactics, praised the planned destruction.  This thick woods is a candle in the darkness on the Charles River.  It is doomed along with so many other outrages.

The destruction on Magazine Beach, the pending destruction in this area, and the outrage of January 2016 are part of a coordinated pattern of destruction dating back to the plans first announced in 1996 by the Triply Court condemned City Manager Robert Healy.

Total tree destruction coming or accomplished between the River Street Bridge and the Longfellow Bridge on the Charles River would appear to be 325 to 400 mostly excellent trees.  The destruction on Magazine Beach is 69 or more mostly excellent trees.  The Wild Area, next to the Destroyed Nesting Area will be reduced to one tree according to the plans.

Here is the relevant destruction plan, showing both the Destroyed nesting Area (left) and Wild Area (right).

The destruction in the Destroyed Nesting Area is far less than the destruction planned for the Cambridge City Council.  In addition to the destruction of that excellent tree (above in section 2.B) and others in the destruction plan the Destroyed Nesting Area will be used as a highway for trucks to truck off the very ground under these excellent trees.

Our video detailing the January 2016 outrages, with coming outrages (including this area) is at

That part of the DCR plans for Magazine Beach which were praised by the Cambridge City Council and then partially funded WITH GLOWING PRAISE are included in my letter to the Cambridge City Council of June 6, 2017 are posted on the Charles River White Geese’ page at  The Cambridge City Council, as is their custom does not want to know the public records of the destruction they are praising and partially funding.

4. Context.

The following photos are cropped stills taken from drone footing pasted at, From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1.

A. Taken from minute 10.54.

Is the following still showing the BU Bridge in the lower right.

To the left is the BU Rotary under Memorial Drive.  To the right is Boston University.

Dominating the still is the Charles River.

Under the BU Bridge is the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge.  Triangulated by the Grand Junction Railroad Bridge, the BU Bridge and Memorial Drive is the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

The thick woods above the Destroyed Nesting Area is the Wild Area, the magnificent woods which the DCR and the Cambridge City Council want to destroy.  Between the Destroyed Nesting Area and Memorial Drive is the on ramp from the BU Bridge Traffic Circle to Memorial Drive.

At the bottom leading to the on ramp is the area between the Destroyed Nesting Area and the Magazine Beach Recreation area shown in the first few shots in the report.

B. Taken from minute 10.02.

Is the western / central portion of the Magazine Beach Recreation Area.

At the top of the still is Harvard University’s future Mass. Pike Campus, the location to which NINE DESTRUCTIVE MEMBERS of the Cambridge City Council are paying Harvard to move much of Harvard University’s Harvard Square Campus.

Most of the 59+ mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach being destroyed by the Cambridge City Council and the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation are in this still.  The thick woods in the middle are the part most outrageously planned to see destruction and have already seen irresponsible destruction.

The building above this thick woods is the Magazine Beach Swimming Pool.  Between it and the Charles River is the area where the Cambridge City Council is paying the Charles River Poisoner to do “environmental” work preparatory to the destruction of the thick grove west of the Swimming Pool’s bathhouse.  The building across from the bathhouse is MicroCenter.  Its parking lot is above (west) of that building.

5. Responsible Solution.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has also been active on the Charles.  MassDOT is not perfect, but, when MassDOT has been working on the same matters as the Destructive Duo of Cambridge and the DCR, the impression has commonly been that of an adult in a room with two destructive children.

MassDOT should be appointed as replacement for the DCR on the Charles River.  The Cambridge City Council has the power to initiate the transfer in Cambridge through the legislature under the Home Rule provisions in the Massachusetts Constitution.

The Charles River deserves a chance of responsible behavior from governmental agencies.