Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Cambridge City Council takes ANOTHER SECRET VOTE ON THE CHARLES. Disrespects public speakers in main meeting.

RE: Cambridge City Council takes ANOTHER SECRET VOTE ON THE CHARLES.  Disrespects public speakers in main meeting.

Last night, I watched the entire Cambridge City Council meeting on the Internet.  I noted one HIGHLY improper vote, plus disrespect of the public in its on line presentation of public comments.  


At the end of the meeting, three “late motions” were presented to the council in a group, BUT THE MOTION ON THE CHARLES RIVER WAS NOT PUBLICLY READ AS FAR AS I COULD HEAR.

The only public communication was a correction on the subject.  Apparently the original motion referred to I95.  That was changed IN THE CLEAR to I90, the Mass. Pike, about which MassDOT has been proposing changes to its plans, to the detriment of the dirty tricks coming out of the City of Cambridge.

As far as I could gather last night, yet another dirty trick.

2. Public disrespected in comments.

I have long demanded that the Cambridge City Council, IF IT IN REALITY REFLECTED THE LEVEL OF RESPONSIBILITY IT CLAIMS should seek transfer of Charles River responsibilities from the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation to the Massachusetts Department of Transportation.

MassDOT has been the adult in the room on Charles River matters in comparison to the DCR and the Cambridge City Council.  If the Cambridge City Council resembled the holier than thou entity its keeps calling itself, it would seek to have the legislature transfer Charles River responsibility to MassDOT.

Another example of that was the new reality of the City Council’s public broadcast of its meetings as done last night in comparison to the public meeting MassDOT just had on its latest changes in plans for the I90 rebuild.

Every member of the public who wished to be shown publicly who spoke at the MassDOT meeting was so shown.

The City Council showed the faces of City Councilors not in their meeting room, but kept the faces of members of the public secret from viewers.

This was, of course, in addition to the secrecy of the I90 vote.

Yet another example of just how much more responsible MassDOT is than the Cambridge City Council.