Thursday, December 31, 2020

Strange Activity at the Magazine Beach Pool Area

 Strange Activity at the Magazine Beach Pool Area

1. Phil’s Report, December 29, 2020.

2. Context.

1. Phil’s Report, December 29, 2020.

DCR (presumably) is using heavy earthmoving equipment ... to pick up fallen leaves at MB. Seen this AM. crazy

It's in the small parking area next to the pool. They are gathering leaves from the lawns, which they pushed into piles with a Bobcat.

2. Context.

This photo was taken by Phil from the overpass connecting the destruction area at Magazine Beach over Memorial Drive to the neighborhood side.  As we have reported, significant trees have been destroyed adorning that overpass already.

The destructive people associated with the Cambridge City Council and the Department of Conservation and Recreation do the nastiest stuff as secretly as possible.

To put it mildly, use of heavy equipment to clean up leaves and other vegetative debris is bizarre.

Phil is extremely observant.  One thing which he first reported on was the effects of poisoning of the Charles River by the Charles River Poisoner.  The Charles River Poisoner is being paid by the Cambridge City Council to do “environmental” work in this area preparatory to destroying the magnificent grove west of the Magazine Beach bathhouse for the Magazine Beach Pool.

The area where the heavy equipment is being used to pick up leaves is the area the Cambridge City Council is paying the Charles River Poisoner to do her latest work.

The photo is by telephoto lens.  In the background is the Charles River and vegetation at the edge of the Charles River.  Because of the lens used, the background appears closer to the truck than would otherwise be.

Here is a crop of a drone photo of the area, taken from “Flying Along the Charles River, From BU and MIT to Harvard, DJI Inspire 1 Pro Drone Footage,”, Minute 2.33.

The upper left part of the picture is the Charles River.  The large white rectangle is the Magazine Beach Pool.  The dark grey / black rectangle is its bathhouse.  Memorial Drive can be seen diagonally at the bottom right, along with an even tinier portion of the parking lot of the MicroCenter store across Memorial Drive.

The excellent grove that the DCR and the Cambridge City Council want destroyed is the grove of trees facing Memorial Drive starting above the Bathhouse.

The explanation of the DCR for destroying this grove WHICH THEY ADMIT IS EXCELLENT is that they want to move the parking area which is clearly visible between the swimming pool and the water and which extends from there to Memorial Drive under trees closer to the water.  They want to move that parking on top of the excellent grove.

The area which the Cambridge City Council is paying the Charles River Poisoner to “plan" is the clearly visible part of the parking lot plus the grassy area below it next to the pool.

The heavy machinery being used to pick up vegetation is in the clearly visible part of the parking lot.  It is picking up debris from the grassy area.

And here is a ground shot from the MicroCenter parking lot of the excellent but doomed grove.  The photo is about four years old now.  These excellent trees the Cambridge City Council and the DCR want to destroy are that much larger.  They are not the largest trees being destroyed.

In accordance with the long established procedure of the Cambridge City Council, it is telling voters to look at everything but its environmental outrages.

The latest nonsense is a plan to “protect” the trees of Cambridge.

It is not at all a coincidence that the trees on the Charles being destroyed by the Cambridge City Council and the DCR are exempted from the trees being “protected.”

A concise wording of the standing policy:

Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at what we tell you to look at.

They love to yell at the other guy.  It gives the voters false impressions.