Friday, February 24, 2012

Caveat on calling Cambridge’s new mayor an “Environmental Destroyer”

One caveat on yesterday’s report on the Cambridge, MA, USA mayoral election.

It is very clear that Cambridge City Councilor Henrietta Davis is the most environmentally destructive Cambridge city councilor with regard to the Charles River. However, the title I used yesterday, “Cambridge, MA elects Environmental Destroyer Mayor,” would apply to any of the incumbent city councilors (8 out of 9) possible to have been elected chair (“mayor”) of the Cambridge City Council.

The only current member without totally filthy hands as far as environmental destruction goes is the newly elected councilor. She, however, has been very visible on a photo quite dominant on the website of the fake protective group which has been most important in the fighting for destruction at Alewife. The new incumbent fits very well into the very hypocritical world of the Cambridge Pols. It is rather silly to even give her the courtesy of considering possibly redeeming environmental leanings. I simply would not be so silly as to think she has meaningful environmentally responsible leanings. I would love to be proven wrong.

And note that the preceding paragraph picks out the new incumbent for discussion solely because the other eight are beneath favorable consideration.