Friday, February 24, 2012

A response to Alewife destroyers / “Silver Maple” "Defenders"

On February 17, 2012, I transmitted to the editor of the Cambridge Chronicle six photos of Cambridge’s destruction at Alewife and a suggestion that he really should cover it. This came in response to the editor devoting the first page of the second section of the Cambridge Chronicle to photos of a fund raiser for a long shot fight to stand up to private nearby development. The key “defenders” could care less about massive destruction by Cambridge in the same area.

The communication and photos have been published at:

In the interim, I added one photo to the photos I provided to the editor, the following photo of the area of destruction from the location where the flood storage should go. The photo was taken on June 30, 2011, before the worst of the destruction. The two roads used to be part of the untouched forest. The left road is a small vehicle highway. The right is construction access. The destruction area can be seen a few hundred feet straight ahead, before the mess.

The editor has just suggested a letter to the editor.

I have submitted the following:

Cambridge Chronicle

I appreciate your coverage of the continuing scam concerning the “Silver Maple Forest.”

The game is: “Don’t look at what we are destroying, look at how great we sound when we yell at the other guy.”

Attached is a photo of the massive destruction done by the "Silver Maple Forest" activists’ friends at the City of Cambridge in the core Alewife Reservation a few hundred feet away.

This, Cambridge promises, will protect against the worst storm likely in every two year period. Two fifty year storms have hit the area in the last 20 years.

A massive parking lot directly across Cambridge ParkDrive is about to be built on. In a combined project, this parking lot can provide the flood protection needed by local residents.

The 15 year leader of the “Silver Maple Forest” scam has published a letter in the Chronicle bragging about the destruction.

I have twice in the pages of the Chronicle pointed out the reality at Alewife and demanded her response. Her response, and yours, is that full page advertisement at the beginning of the second section about how great their con game is.

I consider this outrageous.