Friday, February 24, 2012

Kill Shelters, the Very Destructive Pols in Cambridge, MA, USA, Nevins Farm, a serious attempt to kill the Charles River White Geese

Ellen Schloss started a discussion on facebook which has evolved into relevance for this blog.

1. Ellen protecting a beautiful dog.

Wall Photos

please cross post this on fb, and email to others.

This dog is at Andover vet and his time is just about up (10 day hold, been there since 2/13)
from there he goes to MSPCA, Nevins Farm in Methuen (which is NOT a no-kill shelter).

2. Editor’s response on facebook.

Nevins Farm is well known to me.

The Cambridge Pols tried to move the Charles River White Geese there, calling it a "happy farm." They neglected to mention the kill part, or that people "adopting" could "adopt" for Sunday dinner, or that their "water" would be a kids' wading pool.

Their current replacements are using tactics on the Charles like their friends used to destroy at Alewife.

3. Ellen.

yes i remember when that happened

4. Karen.

Bob, there are other no kill shelters in Massachusetts.

5. Your editor.

I got off on a side track.

The destructive people lying that they are environmentalists normally lie through any number of tactics, including omission.

Saying to send the Charles River White Geese to a "happy farm" while not mentioning the routine killing is an excellent example of the really rotten situation in Cambridge, MA, USA, which is destroying the environment insofar as they can get their really bad hands on it.

This includes the Charles River, Alewife, Fresh Pond, and undisclosed fine print in contractor booty all over the place.