Friday, October 16, 2020

Recent Charles River Outrages by Cambridge, Part 1, The Current Poisoning of the Charles River

Recent Charles River Outrages by Cambridge, Part 1, The Current Poisoning of the Charles River

I. Introduction.

A few weeks ago, the Cambridge City Council demonstrated their most important tactic in their ongoing attacks on the Charles River: lying about which side they are on.

I have mailed (no in hand because of the Trump Disease) a 32 page response which sketchingly provides part of the very terrible record of this very destructive body in a city which expects exactly the opposite.

Following is the first part of this letter.  It will be reproduced in full.  Regrettably, the app in this blog cannot recreate the beauty of so many EXTREMELY LARGE photos.  They are more damning than what I can do here, but I do what I can do.

The following letter is on the letterhead of Friends of the White Geese, which bears the following message:  

* * * *

An Attorney General Registered Charitable Organization since 2001, Defending the Charles River, its Animals, Trees and Water From destructive Governmental Entities..

* * * *

This does not provide all of section 1 of the letter.  Too long itself.

II. Part 1: The Current Poisoning of the Charles River.

1. Latest Nonsense.

2. Poisoning of the Charles.

A. Destruction Rewarded.

B. Destruction Coming.

3. City Council Direct Destruction.

A. Destroyed Boat Dock.

B. Ongoing and accelerating riverbank and tree destruction.

4. Core Destruction in the Magnificent Park.

5. Destruction of the Excellence at the Overpass.

6. Destruction in January 2016.

7. Coming destructive of magnificent woods PRAISED with deniability.

8. Destruction coming, care of the replacement (?) point person, the Harvard Square Destroyer.

9. Coming Destruction apparently being prevented by the CEO of MassDOT?

Gentlemen / Ladies:

RE: City Council claims of concern for the Charles belied by the City Council’s record, the poisoning of the Charles, massive vegetation & animal harm, and sought outrages in the I90 Rebuild

1. Latest Nonsense.

Order 7 of September 21, 2020 is yet another example of extreme hypocrisy on the part of the Cambridge City Council.  The council, YET AGAIN, piously proclaims concern for the Charles River AGAINST THE OTHER GUYS.

The lovely concerns are blatantly belied by many actions by the City of Cambridge including by explicit votes by the Cambridge City Council.  Thus, these lovely concerns WITH THEIR EXTREME HYPOCRISY certainly look like the Cambridge City Council is doing little more OF MEANING than lying ONCE AGAIN to its voters about which side the Cambridge City Council is on.

On page 1 [ed.: above] is a photo of the Charles River Poisoner blocking the EXPENSIVE drain system created by the City Council and the Mass. Department of Conservation and Recreation to prevent poisoning of the Charles with poisons which the City Council and the DCR should not even be using on the banks of the Charles.  She did this WITH CITY OF CAMBRIDGE ASSISTANCE PICKING UP- DESTROYED VEGETATION.

Here is a drone footage of the poison drainage area which was blocked by the Charles River Poisoner AS AGENT FOR THE DCR WITH CITY OF CAMBRIDGE assistance.  It is taken from minute 10.26 of “From Cambridge to Boston with the DJ Inspire 1 Drone footage,”

Here is Phil Barber’s photo of 5/2/18 of the land next to the upper left of the poison blockage area shown above.

There is even a sign posted in the area from the Department of Conservation and Recreation BRAGGING that blocking the drainage would result in poisoning of the Charles River.  It does not mention the wildlife and humans being poisoned by this outrageous use by the Cambridge City Council and the DCR.

On this page and following are photos of some of the results of the poisoning which the City Council has rewarded with its funding of her hiring, photos courtesy Phil Barber.  

This sort of outrage is exactly what the Cambridge City Council falsely CLAIMED TO OPPOSE by Order 7 of September 21, 2020.  

These Charles River Photos were taken September 2018, the season before THE FIRST SEASON it became obvious in that part of the Charles cherished by organized Friends of the DCR.  The Friends of the DCR are allegedly concerned about the area east of Magazine Beach. 

The actual poisoning which the City Council has rewarded occurred in December 2017 in Cambridge WITH ASSISTANCE OF THE CITY OF CAMBRIDGE, funding and provided through the principle of the Charles River Poisoner, the DCR.  The poisoning became noticeable at Magazine Beach and off it in 2018.  In 2019 and 2020 it has been visible in the area being yelled about by FRIENDS OF THE DCR who, of course, never identify the DCR, the villain for whom the Charles River Poisoner was doing the poisoning.  


It is not possible to tell if the Charles River Poisoner is still point person on Charles River Destruction since the most recent outrage was led by the Harvard Square Destroyer.

Both outrages are related inasmuch as the biggest beneficiary of the coming Harvard Square Destruction is Harvard University.  The Harvard Square Destroyer is, but never mentions it, an employee of Harvard University.  In her fight for destruction on the Charles, she stated that the outrage she supported (and which was voted for by the Cambridge City Council, at least in part) was supported by Harvard.

The poisons which the Charles River Poisoner rerouted into the Charles River are poisons first introduced into the environment of the Charles River in the late 2000's when the City Council and the DCR replaced the ONE HUNDRED PLUS YEAR LONG responsible maintenance of grass at Magazine Beach with poison maintenance.  The manager of the project was the previous City Manager before his promotion.  The award of funds for further environmental destruction included praise for this outrage and encouragement to follow up on it.