Friday, February 17, 2006

Lovely Photos of the 2005 Babies

From Bob:

I just found an excellent collection of photos of the babies from 2005 at They are real beauties.

The people who took these shots and posted them are normal decent human beings behaving like the vast majority of people. The comments included on the posting are by that much more good people who love the world and the Charles River White Geese.

Regrettably we are dealing with a bunch of sickos. While the sickos are clearly a tiny minority, the sickos are very ruthless, very powerful and very destructive.

2005 was the first year in three years that the Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Department of Conservation and Recreation /Metropolitan District Commission did not poison the eggs of the Charles River White Geese.

For the last three years, the DCR through the developer funded Charles River Conservancy has poisoned every goose egg they could get away with in the first ten miles of the Charles River.

During the 2005 nesting season, the MDC through the City of Cambridge were starving the Charles River White Geese instead of poisoning their eggs. The Cambridge City Council got even worse.

The reprehensible Cambridge City Council voted twice in October 2005 to encourage the destruction of nesting materials along the railroad tracks.

Interesting, the Cambridge City Council is "neutral" when eggs are being poisoned BY THEIR FRIENDS. They are "neutral" when geese are being killed, and they ask the railroad to destroy nesting vegetation.

In fact, the sponsor of the motion to destroy nesting vegetation, Representative/ Councilor Timothy Toomey has publicly praised the sick Charles River Conservancy, the entity which runs around poisoning goose eggs. But Toomey is "neutral" except when he is starving the Charles River White Geese or on so many other sick things, and how dare anybody call the sick Charles River Conservancy a truly sick entity.

And the Cambridge City Council considers starvation attacks on the Charles River White Geese throughout their habitat since September 2004 business as usual. And they call their voting in two upzonings on Memorial Drive plus one or more along the railroad tracks either commendable or something they did not understand. And forget that they kept the Cambridge City Manager from telling them what is being done on Memorial Drive.

But the babies are beautiful. Decent people love the babies and the geese.

Cambridge pols, state bureacrats, and their friends run around calling themselves "environmentalists" and prove the opposite by their actions and their "neutrality" with a wink and a nod.

And the babies and the Charles River White Geese are beautiful, in a very sick city.

BU Brags of Award Winning White Goose Photo – Neglects to Mention its Attacks and Those of Its Buddies on the Charles River White Geese

Bob Reports:

Boston University Brags of Award Winning White Goose Photo – Neglects to Mention its Attacks and Those of Its Buddies on the Charles River White Geese is a link about eight months old, but, what the Heck, Boston University and its buddies have been destroying the Charles River White Geese, as much as they can get away with, since October 1999 and lying about the destruction (and their lack of decency) as much as they can get away with.

The photographer is part of the vast majority of people. He very clearly loves the Charles River White Geese and cherishes them.

Regrettably, his employer is part of a truly sick, truly reprehensible, but very destructive and very powerful minority.

The photographer is commendable. His employer is a sick hypocrite and part of those who are casually destroying our Earth.

This press release without mentioning the behavior of Boston University and its buddies is an excellent example of the key techniques very destructive people are using in their fight against the Charles River.

The above link is to a news release from Boston University entitled:


Vernon Doucette and Kalman Zabarsky Honored by University Photographers Association of America

In this press release dated July 14, 2005, Boston University is bragging about two photos which received awards and the photographers who took them.

The key paragraph reads:

Doucette, a photographer with the university for nine years, won first prize in the Personal Vision category, which includes photography taken to satisfy the creator’s personal interests. The winning photo was a winter shot of Charles River geese huddling in the snow. The photo was one that Doucette conceptualized numerous times in the months leading up to the shot. He viewed the famous birds along the river and envisioned the stunning juxtaposition of the pure, white geese lounging among the pure, white snow. The opportunity finally came in January when Boston was hit with a major snowstorm and Doucette ventured, camera in hand, to visit the geese and snapped the award-winning shot.

Notice the nice words about the Charles River White Geese "famous birds" and "pure white geese."

The press release includes a copy of the photo.

The first attack on the Charles River White Geese came in October 1999 when Boston University destroyed the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese WHERE THE PHOTO WAS TAKEN.

BU started moving in for its destruction hours before a public hearing in front of the Cambridge Conservation Commission, completed the destruction way before the START of work was authorized and greatly exceeded destruction allowed.

For the next eight months, Boston University denied doing the destruction. Then they were condemned for it by the Cambridge Conservation Commission. So they started bragging about the destruction. They blamed the President’s secretary for any confusion on the matter.

This press release was issued about eight months after the organization of whom Boston University is such a major part starting starving the Charles River White Geese, a starvation attack which has continued to this day.

One of the key figures in the attack recently denied starving them because about a year after they shut off the food, the Charles River White Geese actually got through to their food. Then the sick bastards shut off the food again. The organization did not mention whether they would consider it starvation to be allowed access to food after A YEAR OF FOOD DENIAL.

But they are very happy to hypocritically claim to be the good guys as this press release demonstrates.