Friday, April 16, 2010

Bridges: Urban Ring Phase 2, Charles River Bridges

Department of Transportation Secretary Jeff Mullan briefly spoke to the Metropolitan Planning Organization's Regional Transportation Advisory Council on Wednesday, April 14, 2010, following a presentation by Clinton Bench, who I believe is the Department's Deputy Executive Director of Planning.

In response to a question about Department of Conservation and Recreation's Charles River bridges transferred to DOT, Mullen cited work on all the bridges the DOT's Accelerated Bridge Program is responsible for repairing. He specifically mentioned those to the north that are in the ABP as part of the Urban Ring.

(As we were told when the public process for the Urban Ring 2 ceased: the Urban Ring Phase 2 is still alive.)

My follow-up question to the Secretary then was, how did DCR manage to evade ABP controls on the BU and Anderson bridges and expand the footprints? Mr. Mullan said he would look into it and get back to me.

Marilyn Wellons


Bob La Trémouille responds:

This issue of footprint is major with regard ongoing environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse by DCR and Cambridge.

The DCR and Cambridge go out of their way to harm animal life on the Charles River by whatever means they have at their disposal.

The purpose is to kill off all animals living or visiting the first ten miles of the Charles River because they have a vision: they want a dead world on the Charles River, as they and their predecessors have worked to create a dead world on our planet.

The footprint at the BU Bridge (I am not familiar with the Anderson Bridge problem) was illegally expanded as part of the attacks on the Charles River White Geese.

The two have been heartlessly destroying the Charles River White Geese by destroying their habitat piece by piece.

The DCR is illegally installing a drainage system for the BU Bridge in the tiny meadow which is all that is undestroyed to the Charles River White Geese of their habitat.

Destroy, destroy, destroy, a little here, a little there, a lot of lying and false claims of sainthood, . . .

By contrast, a responsible entity, MassDOT is rebuilding drainage on the Western Avenue and River Street Bridges within the footprint of those bridges. And that is the requirement of the program under which they are working.

This destruction is a major part of the reason DCR and the Cambridge pols kept the meetings on BU Bridge planning as secret as they could from affected Cambridge residents.

This deliberate secrecy was the reason for the con games pulled by the Cambridge pols on the River Street and Western Avenue Bridge. They lied to the public with claims of "concern" by demanding that the responsible projects have public presentations in Cambridge while being very happy to keep the irresponsible BU Bridge project secret from Cambridge.