Friday, January 30, 2009

Environmental Destroyers Don't Know Their Part of the Charles River

Bob La Trémouille reports:

The following entry appears in the January newsletter of the reprehensible Charles River Conservancy:


CRC Weighs in on State’s Accelerated Bridge Rehabilitation Program

As the DCR proceeds with the much-needed restoration of the Charles River bridges under Governor Patrick’s Accelerated Bridge Program, the CRC has weighed in . . . to ensure that the Craigie Street and B.U. Bridges also become more user-friendly for pedestrians and bicyclists and provide better access to the parklands. To read more, click here.


The total lack of expressed concern of the CRC for the environment in this posting is not at all accidental.

I will shortly post my objections to the BU Bridge repair proposal.

The bad faith public hearing on this proposal was combined with a hearing on the repairs to the Craigie Drawbridge.

The Craigie Drawbridge is located just south of the Museum of Science and is perhaps half a mile from Mass. General Hospital. The Craigie Drawbridge is part of the DCR's McGrath & O'Brien Highway. McGrath & O'Brien shows on Google Maps as Charles River Dam Road. The Craigie Drawbridge allows Charles River traffic to travel from the Charles River to Boston harbor in spite of the Charles River Dam.

The proposed work has nothing to do with Charles River access except for concerns about people with regard to the sidewalk and bike lanes. The proposed work has everything to do with the fact that the drawbridge is very old and needs work.

The location of the hearing on the BU Bridge was part of the bad faith. Combining the two hearings was another part of the bad faith.

There is a Craigie Street in Cambridge. It is perhaps half a mile from the CRC's Harvard Square offices.

The Craigie Drawbridge is perhaps four to five miles from Craigie Street.

Interesting, this destructive group had an office close to the Craigie Drawbridge. They could have had a clear view of the Craigie Drawbridge from their building is except that the viaduct holding the Green Line blocked their view. The CRC does not seem to even know what or where the Craigie Drawbridge is.