Friday, July 08, 2011

Harvard Landbanking Shopping Center pays rewards in Allston

The environmental outrage ongoing on the Charles River can be linked in many ways to Harvard University’s empire building on the south side of the Charles River in Allston.

The latest step is reported by the Harvard Crimson at

Harvard has destroyed for all practical purposes a neighborhood shopping center in Allston by refusing to rent as vacancies occurred. The entire western side is now vacant. Undestroyed is a very large super market at the southern end, a fast food chain establishment on part of the northern / Western Avenue end, and a pet store at the northeast corner, Western Avenue and Everett Street.

Christian A. Herter Park, showing at the top of the enclosed map has been severely attacked in the state’s attacks on wildlife.

The now severely restricted habitat of the Charles River White Geese is off the map to the right and slightly down.

Harvard now owns a very high percentage of the area above / to the north of Western Avenue and below / south of Western Avenue to the right / east of the shopping center. Harvard’s ownership is nearly total east of North Harvard Street.

On the map, the pointer on the right is the location Harvard has forced to be sold to it. Harvard considers this the cornerstone of its expansion. The pointer on the left is the destroyed shopping center. According to the report, the replacement property will apparently be a high rise at the southwestern corner of the destroyed shopping center. Will Harvard lower itself to allowing people to shop there again?

Stay tuned.