Thursday, June 18, 2009

Allston Planning in Context.

Archie Mazmanian reports (with technical edits, Bob, ed.):

The Executive Office of Transportation (EOT) has posted at its Urban Ring website on 17-Jun-2009 its presentation "Allston Multimodal Station Study" at a June 15, 2009 Allston-Brighton Community Meeting.

I did not attend this meeting nor have I fully studied the presentation. But I direct you and visitors to your Blog to Slide 33 "Coordination with Other Projects" to add to my earlier post under the heading "Long Term Planning Issues: BU Bridge ..." on June 17th. WOW!

And what can we expect on the Cambridge side of the Charles River?

On an earlier occasion I made reference to the rail yards in Allston as a potential Prudential Center-type complex (coincidentally also involving rail yards). Imagine the impact on traffic and transportation issues on both sides of the River.

EOT's website is at:

Click (left margin) on "Reference Materials" and then "Current Materials" for CAC # 25 June 10, 2009