Monday, July 09, 2007

Memories from a less openly vile time

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I was just checking the links on this blog to ensure they are still valid, when I clicked on the Cambridge Candle link to the first public comment on this outrage, entitled "Who would want to destroy the homes of a bunch of harmless, beautiful geese?"

The Link is:

It was published in February 1999 when my big problem was convincing people anybody could stoop so low.

A brief quote may suffice:


When I try to tell most people that these beautiful geese are in danger, they only answer with incredulity. People cannot conceive that there are people irresponsible enough to attack these beautiful creatures.

A totally different story appears if you talk to a tiny number of people who claim to be “friends” of Magazine Beach. Many of these people fought, unsuccessfully, to put large trailer trucks on Memorial Drive a few years ago. Many if not most of them, seem to make their livings from development or from planning for development.

Many of these people have a dream. It is a dream which most people would consider unattractive, but you see, developer types live in a different world from most people and developer types know how to get things done that most people would consider offensive. Developer types call this “creativity.”


Now we have nine proudly reprehensible City Councilors falsely calling themselves "environmentalists" as they indulge in truly sick behavior on the Charles River.

The issue is no longer whether they could possibly stoop so low. The issue now is how low they can go.