Sunday, May 25, 2008

Deer Sighting on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge

Karen Parker reports with Bob La Trémouille analysis:

Saturday evening at about 10 pm, saw a deer on Mass. Ave. in North Cambridge. She called the police to get help for the deer with no success.

When she last saw, the deer was last seen heading up Rindge Ave. That is a good direction. The urban wilds are in that direction.

This is not at all a surprise. Nine heartless animal abusers on the Cambridge City Council are destroying animal habitat on a large scale at Fresh Pond. Smaller animals have been seen at the Fresh Pond Shopping Center, driven there when these heartless bastards destroyed their homes.

Why are their homes being destroyed? So that the nine hypocrites can put in saplings and brag about the saplings. They will not want to hear about the thousands of healthy trees and animal habitat destroyed to put in the saplings. If they knew what they were doing, they would not have such a good lie to tell about themselves.