Sunday, July 03, 2011

Monteiro: Papers explained by knowledgeable lawyer

On June 29, 2011, I reported on papers (29, 30 and 31) filed in the Appeals Court in the case of Malvina Monteiro v. City of Cambridge. The posting may be read at:

This is the case in which judge and jury have found the Cambridge City Manager “reprehensible” (judge’s word, jury’s money) for destroying the life of Malvina Monteiro in retaliation for this black female department head filing a civil rights complaint.

My report indicated that I saw the papers, that I did not know what was in them, and that it looked to me like the Appeals Court panel was chastising both sides.

An attorney who has been familiar with the Monteiro case provides the following analysis. Lukey is the attorney for Cambridge. Zucker is Monteiro’s attorney.

I know no more than the below, but I certainly intend to research the case he has cited.


No 29 is Lukey's letter calling the Court's attention to the SJC case of Psy Ed Corp v Klein, decided one week after the oral argument.

No 30 is Zucker's response, demolishing Lukey, pointing out how the Psy Ed case supports Monteiro on all the points of the Appeal, including the Judge's instructions and the propriety of the handling of the retaliation claim.

No 31 tells me the Court has its mind made up.

Photos of Goose Ghetto, Pedestrian Overpass

Update: The link to Roy Bercaw's 2000 video of the goose meadow is:

1. Thank you Roy Bercaw.
2. Goose photos. Goose ghetto.
3. Pedestrian bridge to Magazine Beach.

1. Thank you Roy Bercaw.

Roy Bercaw has been kind enough to provide links to two very valuable reports on his blog. His email reads:


Here are links to images of

1. construction of the new pedestrian bridge over Memorial Drive at Magazine Street., and

2. the stubborn geese who demand a court ordered eviction before they leave their historical God-given nesting grounds alongside of the BU Bridge.
Roy Bercaw - Editor
Cambridge MA USA

2. Goose photos. Goose ghetto.

I strongly appreciate Roy’s input. I previously provided photos of the destruction and devastation which are available on facebook. The update, taken July 2, is strongly appreciated.

He very early on provided a video report to which we have posted a link on this blog. That was during the first few months of this outrage. It concludes with a photo of a White Goose flying very high. I will amend this report later to add a direct link.

3. Pedestrian bridge to Magazine Beach.

Phil Barber previously provided photos of the trees which were destroyed for this project. It is another Department of Conservation and Recreation project taken over by the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation.

As part of the corrupt way of doing business we have become accustomed to from the DCR, this destruction and total rebuilding was publicized by the flat out lie, “repair.” Thus the people we are forced to deal with prevented objections.

I have heard no exact numbers. My educated guess is that the bridge is being raised to accommodate trucks from the Massachusetts Turnpike which will allow the Grand Junction Bridge under the BU Bridge and through the goose meadow to be converted to an off ramp from the Massachusetts Turnpike.