Tuesday, October 28, 2014

DCR / Cambridge Machine expands their fight to destroy little guys’ parking lot near the Charles River?

DCR / Cambridge Machine expands their fight to destroy little guys’ parking lot near the Charles River?

1. Introduction.
2. Last night’s meeting.

1. Introduction.

One of the many rotten things the fake neighborhood association is fighting for is the destruction of the little guys’ parking lot at the foot of Magazine Street.  It is on the undestroyed hill side west of the Magazine Beach playing fields which have been irresponsibly destroyed.  The DCR and the Cambridge Machine want to expand the destruction to the hillside.  They want to destroy excellent grass for sickly stuff which needs poisons to stay alive.  They want to build the destructive Bike Highway there.  And they want to destroy the parking lot.

And they want to continue the environmental outrage and heartless animal abuse which is the modified Magazine Beach playing fields.

As is normal this week with the Cambridge Machine, they have never justified expanding the destruction of responsible grass from the playing fields outrage to the hill west of the playing fields.  And they have never justified fighting to destroy the parking lot on the hill west of the playing fields outrage.

This parking lot is tiny and well covered by trees, very much sensitive to an environment the Department of Conservation and Recreation, the City of Cambridge, and the Cambridge Machine are fighting to destroy.  It is needed for picnicking in the area, picnicking commonly done by people who did not graduate from Harvard or MIT.

The fake neighborhood association sneaked blessing for destruction of the little guys’ parking lot into the fine print of their corrupt vote of April 23, 2013.  That is the vote which they would have lost if they put the matter to a vote when it was discussed in January 2013.

The January 2013 meeting solely discussed their destructive proposals for expanding the outrage at the Magazine Beach playing fields.   So the Cambridge Machine postponed the vote they would have lost to the February meeting and conducted the February meeting on April 23, 2013, after driving away the responsible people who had the nerve to condemn their irresponsible proposal.

They conducted the vote in the last ten minutes.  It was a very complicated vote which was kept secret until the beginning of the last ten minutes.

The Cambridge Machine has been so pleased with the results that they made the fraud a standard part of their meeting.  They proceeded to conduct all Magazine Beach activities in the last ten minutes and shouted down responsible responses: TOO LATE, TOO LATE, TOO LATE.

This was until their most recent fraudulent meeting.

Magazine Beach was conducted in the middle of the meeting.  They just shouted down responsible responses.

The last thing the Cambridge Machine wants to allow to be heard is reality.  But they consistently lie about their sainthood.

2. Last night’s meeting.

Last night the fake protectors of the Charles River subdivision of the fake neighborhood association conducted a meeting on destroying the parking lot.

The lie this time was that they were discussing a water facility near the parking lot.

The con was they want to improve the water facility.  But the poor dears had problems doing the obvious.  They had questions as to whether they would improve the water facility in place.

The report on the meeting indicates that they discussed all sorts of alternate locations.  The report “neglected” to mention the impact the alternate locations would have on the parking lot they want to destroy.

Oh, golly gee, there is a parking lot there?