Wednesday, September 05, 2018

Charles River Tree destroyer brags about everything else.

Charles River Tree destroyer brags about everything else.

The following was published on the Cambridge Town Hall facebook page as a response to a letter published on line by the Cambridge Chronicle.

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The Cambridge Chronicle recently printed a letter concerning Magazine Beach from a woman described in City Council debate as their “kind of activist.”  In that vote, the Cambridge City Council gave people with destructive records on the Charles River the power to make pending destruction worse at Magazine Beach.

The City Council’s “kind of activist” provided a massive list of petty achievements in her Chronicle letter.  Her key statement was “After eight years of grassroots advocacy . . . this 17-acre open space resource is beginning to achieve its potential.”

Attached is a photo of the excellent willow at the southwest corner of the playing fields which is one of the 56 mostly excellent trees which she and the Cambridge City Council want to destroy.  In her “eight years” of ”advocacy,” she has been uniformly as silent as possible about her massive tree destruction.

The City Council started with “dead or dying” as their explanation for their desired destruction / funding of destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees at Magazine Beach.  I debunked that in a formal letter to the council, at

The Cambridge City Council’s current apparent position, is that they are doing these terrible things because this woman is their “kind of activist.”  The nonsensical Chronicle letter by their “kind of activist” communicates what is their “kind of activist.”

A lot of people would consider the imminent destruction of 56 mostly excellent trees as far more important than the extremely minor “improvements” she brags about, WHILE KEEPING SILENT, as usual, about the massive tree destruction.

She dropped a lot of names.  She did not say that she meaningfully communicated the massive tree destruction to any of the dropped names.  IT IS HIGHLY UNLIKELY THAT SHE CHANGED HER BEHAVIOR SO AS TO HONESTLY MENTION TO THOSE PEOPLE THE REALLY TERRIBLE DESTRUCTION SHE IS FIGHTING FOR.

The biggest of the items she brags about is renovation of the boat dock which Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation made useless by blocking it in the 2000's.  The “improvements” would continue to leave the boat dock blocked, and thus useless, according to DCR plans found on the Internet.

The project’s main purpose is, as usual, heartless animal abuse.  It adds yet another barrier to access by the Charles River White Geese to get to their food of most of the last 37 years at the Magazine Beach playing fields.

The City Council’s “kind of activist” also brags of small flowers being planted.  She does not mention that the most important part of her flower package is rerouting poisons into the Charles River which were introduced in the 2000's as part of the same destructive projects.

She, and her workers, have already blocked as drainage system installed to drain off poisons which should not even be used at Magazine Beach.  And algae has accumulated near her blocked drainage facility.  One of the small flowers she brags about, Mint, is highly invasive, and destructive.

The City Council by designating this woman as their “kind of activist” is refusing themselves to say why they want to destroy those 56 mostly excellent trees.  I have effectively debunked their “dead or dying” nonsense.

So they are bragging abandonment of their electorate in favor of one woman who keeps her most important activities secret.

The Cambridge City Council did, however, indicate a major rush to take action as reason for keeping their actions SECRET in two motions in recent months.

Destruction of those 56 mostly excellent trees looks imminent.

But, if you like, there is a tree destroyer who would love to get your money, keeping the massive tree destruction secret as usual, of course.

Business as usual with the environmentally destructive Cambridge City Council.