Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nothing left to defend at Alewife and on the Charles River?

Ellen follows up on as follows:


There is nothing left to defend are they blind?

Your editor’s Response:

The Cambridge Pols are defiant about their belligerent stupidity.

If you see somebody in Cambridge who talks Cambridge politics and cries out for the response, "You cannot possibly be so stupid," that is almost certainly a Cambridge pol.

Unfortunately, the latest game is that there still is a lot more which has not been destroyed. And there is the continued existence of that massive parking lot which can hold the flood storage that they lie is being provided by this destruction. They are continuing the "Silver Maple Forest" scam which allows them to destroy more and more of Alewife.

When the victims find out their lies did not provide the needed flood storage, they (or to be more accurate, the one or two people pulling the strings) want to be able to say:

Oh, golly gee, we meant well. We will just have to destroy more.

One branch of the Machine, in Cambridgeport, has been very active in its environmental destruction.

The Cambridgeport con game spent years telling people to "defend" Alewife by ignoring their friends destruction at Alewife.

The Cambridgeport branch's attack on the Charles River is exemplified by a "public meeting" in which state destroyers were allowed to say every sort of nonsense they felt like. The Cambridgeport branch of the machine, in the name of "fairness," censored every response which reflected reality, flat out publicly prohibitting such statements.

They then started "celebrating" Magazine Beach with the blatant censorship of the environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

But now, just as they lied about defending Alewife, they are lying about defending the Charles River. They are fighting to keep in place on the Charles totally repairable outrages and hoping to keep up the con to implement even worse destruction.

At Alewife, it will take the better part of a century to undo one month's destruction.

These are really, really bad people and they have a massive machine supporting each other.