Sunday, January 01, 2012

Dead swans related to DCR / Cambridge destructiveness?

1. Introduction.

Ellen Schloss posted a report on her Beaks and Noses facebook page which started from a posting on the CBS Boston (WBZ) page.

It is a reminder that the extreme irresponsibility of Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation on the Charles River and at Alewife is not limited to those areas.

Westboro, MA is about 30 miles west of Cambridge, MA.

2. Ellen Schloss.

More Than A Dozen Swans Found Dead In Westboro Pond.

3. My Comment.

Very much horrible.

Can you provide more details or a link?

4. Ellen.

Sorry this is the correct link

5. Editor.

Shared with my list.

Thank you Ellen for posting this.

State fisheries are investigating these unexplained deaths.

The report says that there normally are not so many swans in that location. Perhaps it is a migration with problems initiated elsewhere.

The deaths, in themselves, are horrible.

In Cambridge, we get inured to heartless animal abuse. We should not, but our government is very, very destructive and does a lot of lying.

Cambridge and the Department of Conservation and Recreation has killed perhaps thousands of animals in their bizarre destruction of the Alewife reservation.

Heartless animal abuse by the two is routine on the Charles River. Their stand ins even brag out the heartlessness on the Charles.

6. Dale.

This year we've also seen untimely deaths of seals, et cetera. I suspect that environmental polution is taking its toll on many species of life.

7. Ellen Schloss.

I wonder if any of these swans came from Cambridge?

8. Your Editor.

Responding to Dale, in Cambridge, they have been killed by massive earth destroying machines as part of a project which clearly cannot achieve its stated purposes of flood protection, flood protection which could be provided by putting it under the parking lot across the street.

Ellen's question has value, at minimum, for two reasons.

A. The DCR through its agent the so called Charles River Conservancy has destroyed pretty much all ground vegetation between the BU Bridge and the BU Boathouse. It is not coming back, so it has to be poisoned.

B. The DCR and Cambridge have been using poisons on the banks of the Charles River. Poisons dumped near Mass. General have created an annual algae infestation. The two destroyed seven acres of healthy grass at Magazine Beach and replaced it with sickly stuff that will not survive without poisons which they are applying.

The wanton use of poisons on the Charles could very easily poison migratory waterfowl. Additionally, however, these are only uses that I am aware of. It is highly unlikely that their only poison use is in the locations I am aware of.

9. Ellen Schloss.

So unbelievably sad what the authorities are doing to our wild life.