Sunday, April 29, 2012

Impenetrable thicket given Genesis at Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese

On April 28, 2012, I walked what was the nesting area of the Charles River White Geese. It is located on the banks of the Charles River east of the north, Cambridge, side of the BU Bridge.

It was first destroyed by Boston University acting for the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation in October 1999. BU lied that it did not do it until BU was condemned for its lawlessness by the Cambridge Conservation Commission.

BU was a piker compared to this outrage.

This, the lie will go, is called amelioration for the BU Bridge construction zone. It is most definitely not amelioration. It is most definitely construction and destruction. The BU Bridge construction zone was less destructive because nature could have healed that.

This is a massive outrage which, as near as I understand, has no legal basis. The lawlessness and lying have been very common on the banks of the Charles River. The lying has commonly neutralized the form of obeying law.

The soon to be thicket dominates most of the construction zone east of the BU Bridge and all of the construction zone west of the BU Bridge. It is broken only by two near concrete, wide paths. When it is fully grown, only the paths will be usable for humans OR ANIMALS.

There is a 60 to 70 foot area east of the BU Bridge which is undeveloped.

If these people had a semblance of decency or environmental respect, this 60 to 70 foot area would be used for what the rest of the area should be used for: grass. The undestroyed remnants of the bushes which were there until the BU Bridge construction would expand into the grass and return this area to the oasis of a free animal sanctuary it previously was.

The representative of the DCR at the last “public meeting” of the fake neighborhood association admitted participating in DCR planning for this outrage.

The reality is that the outrage on the Charles River is the direct result of a truly reprehensible city government which very clearly is part of the outrage. The DCR destroys nothing without adequate prior consultation with Cambridge.

The reprehensible city government would not stay in place without a massive organization which runs around lying about the government and its outrages and lives through con games in which the organization creates fake groups which constitute very effective company unions lying about which side they are on.

The very extreme destruction on the Charles River and at Alewife has been facilitated by these lying, carefully controlled and equally reprehensible entities.