Sunday, December 03, 2006

Bad guys on move

Bob La Trémouille reports:

There is now a crane in the area which has fencing just west of the playing fields.

The nine Cambridge City Council hypocrites are moving closer to attack against the Charles River and Magazine Beach.

Major starvation moves against the Charles River White Geese, addition of poisons to the environment, etc., all for a project that makes no sense except as make work for a politically active lobby of contractors.

Thanks to the Good Guys - Harvest Coop

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Because of federal tax requirements, we have two main, separate organizations concerning the Charles River White Geese and other environmental matters.

Separate from the political arm are the great people who have been feeding the Charles River White Geese to save them from the destructiveness of the state bureacrats and the nine hypocrits on the Cambridge City Council.

The organization which puts things together is the Charles River Urban Wilds Initiative.

I had been aware that on of the stores providing contributions to feed the Charles River White Geese is the Harvest Cooperative in Central Square, Cambridge.

Nevertheless, yesterday, it came as a very pleasant surprise to see a lovely color color announcement of the providing of greens to the Charles River White Geese on a very visible bulletin board in the store of the Harvest.

I have sent an email to the head of CRUWI to ask for more names so that I can thank them on this blog.

The Harvest is known and is appreciated.

Thanks to the good guys.