Monday, August 31, 2009

Memorial Drive Trees, White Geese, Atlanta’s BeltLine, EOT’s Urban Ring Phase 2.

1. Memorial Drive trees + White Geese.
2. Atlanta's BeltLine vs. EOT's Urban Ring Phase 2

The following well written comments are from Archie Mazmanian.

1. Memorial Drive trees + White Geese.

Despite its traffic signals, Memorial Drive is preferable to Storrow Drive because of its trees. But apparently no more. Joyce Kilmer’s “Trees” comes to mind, a poem that many of us learned to recite in grade school. MA General Laws in Chapter 87 addresses public shade trees. For cities and towns, these trees are entitled to a “public hearing” that is duly noticed before being cut down. Alas, the rule is different for state highways. But perhaps the public can have its hearing with motorists honking while on Memorial Drive, to give voice to the bark of the trees that had no bite.

And this honking can give voice to the Charles River White Geese, the innocents is all this. This honking can be a form of public assembly guaranteed by the First Amendment. Let’s be heard. Let the elected officials hear us, loud and clear.

Some years back, here in Brookline, a proposal to expand Hall’s Pond and its sanctuary included a plan to cut down several weeping willow trees along one of its banks. These lovely trees had served a valuable purpose environmentally for many years and were healthy. Some of us in the Cottage Farm and Longwood Neighborhoods made our voices heard and the weeping willows were saved. In fact, a few more weeping willows were planted. Just enter Amory Park and take a look at these weeping willows and what they continue to contribute. Even in winter months, these willows have a patina. One of my favorite jazz songs is “Willow Weep for Me.” A letter to our local weekly from me set forth its words in support of our efforts to save them. These willows still weep for us, tears of joy for the pleasures they continue to provide.

But who weeps for the Charles River White Geese? Not our politicians. Children in the area of the River will be deprived of the joys of the White Geese, the joys of nature that many of us and our children enjoyed. Who would hear our weeping? So honk, honk, honk! If the politicians won’t listen, don’t get mad – get even. There is a word for what is done to people that is being done to the Charles River White Geese. So let’s honk, honk, honk!

2. Atlanta's BeltLine vs. EOT's Urban Ring Phase 2

I recently learned of Atlanta's BeltLine project addressing greater Atlanta's public transit problems. Information is available at its website:

I learned of this from Truthout, an August 30, 2009 article titled: "Gentrification Fears Dog Sustainable Transport" available at:

The BeltLine project is fairly new, compared to EOT's Urban Ring; however, it seems to be further advanced, based upon browsing through its website. Many more issues are addressed with the BeltLine project than with Phase 2 of the Urban Ring. Perhaps EOT and the Citizens Advisory Board might benefit from taking a look at the BeltLine, which appears to be more ring-like than the Urban Ring.

The Urban Ring is stale. It lacks the ground-up support displayed by and for BeltLine.

Yesterday's (8/30/09) Sunday Boston Globe at page 2 of the Metro Section, Starts & Stops, features "Bridging the interests of commuters, construction" and the BU Bridge repair project that will further reduce its travel lanes to two. (Earlier, its four lanes had been reduced to three.) A suggestion has been made to increase the number of crosstown buses using the BU Bridge, as if that would solve problems. In this same issue of the Globe, check out its lead editorial in the Ideas Section: "In this summer of roadwork, more needs to be done to relieve jams." Yes, transportation has long been a mess in MA with its divided government going back 18 years; but the last two years with Democrats fully in control have not been much better.

Meantime, the trees on Memorial Drive have lost their bark to the bite of the chainsaws. The Charles River White Geese are being silenced as they are further segregated in the course of their ultimate demise. Isn't it time to speak up? Who's in charge?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Day 375, Good People, reprehensible governments

Bob La Trémouille reports:

I did a visibility on Sunday, August 30.

The geese were huddled in the corner of the goose meadow which has not been destroyed.

The illegally dumped truckloads of dirt occupy three quarters of the goose meadow and block access to the BU Bridge for repair, supposedly the purpose of this outrage.

There was a construction vehicle in the middle of the illegal dirt.

The construction zones signs have been moved to make them legal. They originally, for all practical purposes, forbade the feeding of the Charles River White Geese. Since the reprehensible city and state governments have been keeping them away from their food at Magazine Beech for five years now, the combination would be very explicite.

People were out in reasonably good numbers and receptive.

More drivers pulled over for leaflets.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 374, Damage Made Worse, Conservation Commission Executive Director Meeting with DCR

Bob La Trémouille reports

1. Visibility Report.
2. Destruction Made Worse.
3. Executive Director of Cambridge Conservation Commission Meeting with DCR this morning.

1. Visibility Report.

I leafleted and spoke with people during the evening rush hour on August 27, 2009.

Some good people.

2. Destruction Made Worse.

I saw the Destroyed Nesting Area after the executive director of the Cambridge Conservation Commission had closed the project down on Wednesday.

On looking at it carefully, I realized that large amounts of dirt had been dumped on top of the devastation created on Tuesday.

I have provided the entire roll of film which I took on Tuesday to the Executive Director of the Cambridge Conservation Commission. Shots on this blog, because of space limitations, are only a portion of the 26 shots taken.

3. Executive Director of Cambridge Conservation Commission Meeting with DCR this morning.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

DCR work site at BU Bridge shut down

Marilyn Wellons reports that the Director of the Cambridge Conservation Commission shut down the DCR work site at 3:15 p.m. August 25:

Friends alerted us to the start of work at the BU Bridge on August 25. I forwarded the information to Cambridge ConCom Director Jennifer Wright, assuming she already knew it had begun. In fact this was not the case.

The DCR had failed to give 72 hours' written notice of the start of work, or to comply with other requirements in the ConCom's Order of Conditions. These requirements include the filing of construction documents and copies of various permits. I believe there were 12 conditions for the BU Bridge work.

Ms. Wright accordingly shut down the DCR work site at 3:15 p.m. today. It is closed indefinitely, pending DCR compliance with the Order of Conditions.

By 3:15 all plants within 50’ of the BU Bridge abutment and beyond 100’ from the river’s edge were completely cleared, except for four trees. In this large L-shaped space the soil was bare and dusty, almost sifted of all vegetable matter. Beyond it the White Geese were huddled in the little space allotted to them. It also is, as we know, largely bare.

Near the entrance to the goose meadow where I was standing, a disoriented group of either digging or mining bees was trying to do something to or for nodules I thought might be their larvae’s formerly underground cells. In the hot sun whatever the bees were trying to do seemed impossible to me, but they kept at their task, except for one that walked purposively away toward nothing at all.

I will keep the blog posted with updates as the DCR responds to the stop order.

Day 373, The Goose Meadow before Governor Patrick's Heartless Animal Abuse, What should be done

I have been able to find two pictures in electronic form of the Goose Meadow this year. They were photographed in the first two weeks of July.

The first view is of the location of the two demolition vehicles. This is the area the gaggle immediately inspected once they realized the immediate danger was gone. They used a lot of it for nesting. The portion not destroyed had had significant damage in the last two years by the DCR. The destruction of this area is totally without value. It is being done for staging that should be put under Memorial Drive.

The second is of the area toward the BU Bridge, looking toward the trees.

The project has been timed to maximize environmental destruction and animal harm. The timing should be changed to do exactly the opposite.

If we were dealing with other than heartless animal abusers, the Charles River White Geese would be allowed to return to their home for most of the last 30 years, Magazine Beach and to visit the nesting area as they deem fit.

Access to Magazine Beach is blocked by a bizarre starvation wall of introduced vegetation. The front organization, Charles River Conservancy, has bragged that blocking off Magazine Beach from the Charles River with this bizarre wall helps swimming. The key liar has publicly bragged that he starves the Charles River White Geese with this wall. That bizarre wall should be chopped down.

Additionally, poisons being dumped on the formerly green playing fields should stop, and the expensive drainage system should be filled in. The drainage system supposedly drains the poisons out of Magazine Beach to keep them out of the Charles River. You do not dump poisons, you do not need the drainage. Notwithstanding this, it is inconceivable the drainage system would work in major flooding, which would obviously dump poisons in the Charles which should not be used on the banks of the Charles.

Half the destruction is unnecessary and dumb. The destruction in the north part of the goose meadow is for staging that should be placed under Memorial Drive, but we are dealing with very destructive people.

Day 373, Photos of Governor Patrick's Heartless Animal Abuse

Day 373 at the Destroyed Nesting Area Supplement, very miserable animals

Bob La Trémouille reports.

1. Introduction.
2. First Visit.
a. Damage.
b. Very miserable Charles River White Geese.
c. Response from passers by.
3. Second visit.
4. Summary.

1. Introduction.

I spent three hours at the Destroyed Nesting Area in two groupings.

I had been notified by a friend that there was massive destruction going on.

I drove by and saw the destruction from the street.

I went back, got a sign, leaflets and camera.

2. First Visit.

a. Damage.

The first visit started at 2 to 3 pm. There was still construction equipment at the Destroyed Nesting Area. I could not see the Charles River White Geese.

All of the land and vegetation, including trees, abutting the BU Bridge had been destroyed.

The land abutting the on ramp was destroyed almost up to the bottom of the hill and up to the stair case illegally installed by BU and the DCR in 1999. A very limited amount of ground vegetation was not destroyed nearest the illegal staircase on the eastern end.

Construction zone signs prohibited entrance from the ramp and BU Bridge entrance.

I took a lot of photographs.

b. Very miserable Charles River White Geese.

After awhile, my eyes adjusted to the difference in light, and I saw the gaggle huddled under the trees between the illegal staircase on the eastern end and the railroad tracks.

Eventually, the construction vehicles were removed, and I walked down the illegal staircase on the eastern end.

When they saw me, they came out of their funk, and walked toward what little vegetation had not been destroyed.

They walked into the core area where they have spent most of their lives since heartless pols and bureaucrats started starving them.

After awhile, a line of geese walked into the new wasteland on the north side and walked up to the hillside. This new wasteland held a lot of nests in the past. They then turned around and returned to their undestroyed corner, or rather to the corner which was not destroyed yesterday. The DCR has spent years destroying the vegetation in the southeast corner.

That area is now barred to the public by two construction zone signs.

c. Response from passers by.

Disgust, contempt for the vile state and city environmental destroyers.

One or more passers by shared with their experiences calling Cambridge City Councilors. Evaluation: Clearly rotten people.

3. Second visit.

The second visit was rush hour. It was very busy. There were a lot of concerned people.

4. Summary.

The state bureaucrats have spent years saying they would do no harm to the Charles River White Geese.

Then again, they have spent years calling the hundreds of trees they are about to destroy “healthy.”

Until the Boston Globe got interested.

Hundreds of healthy trees became diseased overnight.

Flat out liars.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Day 373 at the Destroyed Nesting Area – Governor Patrick ups the needless environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

Bob La Trémouille reports.

I will supplement or amend this report later to provide more detail.

I simply report to you now that Governor Patrick, today, August 25, 2009, destroyed three quarters of the Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

This destruction has been done for a project which needs to be done. The way it has been done has been consistent with a long record of needless environmental destruction and heartless animal abuse.

The Patrick administration has gone out of its way to maximize the environmental harm and animal abuse associated with it, far beyond anything which could normally be considered reasonable or even decent.

Really, really rotten.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Boston Globe reports massive tree destruction coming. Lying as a technique.

1. Boston Globe Article.
2. Letter to the Editor.
3. On the matter of calling people “liars.”

Bob Reports:

1. Boston Globe Article.

August 20, 2009, the Boston Globe printed on page B1 and article featuring the pending destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive. A very good photo of Marilyn was in the middle of the page. The on-line edition may be found at

The title and subtitle are:

Growing disagreement along Memorial Drive
Group contests plans to fell trees

2. Letter to the Editor.

I have submitted the following letter to the editor:


Boston Globe

For the DCR to call the hundreds of trees they are destroying on Memorial Drive other than healthy is outrageous.

There have been repeated discussions over the years on this destructive project. Any trees that the DCR called other than healthy were destroyed years ago.

These are the same people who have repeatedly promised over the years to "do no harm" to the beautiful and valuable Charles River White Geese and then explained that "do no harm" allows starving them. The DCR’s attack on Memorial Drive’s trees is part of their continuing destruction of the Charles River’s environment and its beautiful creatures.

To call these HEALTHY trees anything other than HEALTHY falls into the same category as the years of flat out lies of DO NO HARM to the resident animals.

And Governor Patrick is using Obama stimulus money for this outrage!!!

3. On the matter of calling people “liars.”

It is quite distressing to repeatedly be calling people liars. The Department of Conservation and Recreation has been quite blatant in this category.

Earlier this week, the same reporter quoted me as referring to a Cambridge City Councilor as part of a group which uses lying as a technique.

There is a difference in level of subtlety. The Cambridge pols routinely lie through use of secret definitions. My reference which the reporter was quoting was to the nonstop pounding of the Cambridge political organization that the City of Cambridge and its pols are “environmentalists.”

The reality is they claim to be environmentalists based on tertiary environmentalism, fancy buildings, while indulging in outrageous destruction of the environment under their control.

To call these environmental destroyers “environmentalists” is just another lie, but more subtle than the DCR is using.

A current Cambridge City Councilor argued that the Cambridge pols' secret definition of "environmentalism" is better than the world’s definition. That argument may be read on this blog at

Monday, August 17, 2009

Massachusetts transportation issues

Thanks to Archie Mazmanian, who reports on Massachusetts' transportation planning:

Viewers of your Blog following its posts on Phase 2 of the Urban Ring project should read with care Sunday's Boston Globe (8/16/09, found online at lead editorial in the Ideas Section "On the slow train to financial reality" to better understand the transportation issues we face in MA and the small part that Phase 2 plays currently. Here's the closing paragraph:

"It's admirable to dream, but the immediate post-Big Dig era of Massachusetts transportation will be one of practicality over promises."

The importance of and need for reliable public transit in the Greater Boston area must be voiced loudly and clearly from the ground up and not from the top down. Through 16 years of split government plus two years of Gov. Patrick, transportation issues have not been squarely addressed in MA.

Archie Mazmanian

Friday, August 07, 2009

Tax Lawyer Leads 19 Ducklings to Safety

Archie Mazmanian provides the following:


Here's a Thursday, August 6, 2009 post of interest at TaxProf Blog at:

titled "Tax Lawyer Leads 19 Ducklings to Safety." This might be appropriate for your Blog.

Archie Mazmanian


What a relief to associate with normal humans, as opposed to Cambridge pols and state officials who consider heartless animal abuse the norm.



This is a wonderful summer tonic.

Archie rightly points out that Friend of the White Geese Robert J. La Tremouille, Esq., escorts the geese across Memorial Drive to the grass under the Reid Overpass, at the Cambridge end of the BU Bridge when necessary.

(There was of course no need for the geese to search out what little grass is there before 2004, when the DCR and Cambridge barred them from their primary feeding grounds at Magazine Beach.)

A direct link to the duckling post is:

Many thanks to Archie,


Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Day 372, Heartless Animal Abuser “Explains” Voting against Zoo Animals

1. Day 372 at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.
2. Heartless Animal Abuser Explains her vote against Zoo Animals.
3. Addendum. Full text of response.
4. Summary.

Bob La Trémouille reports:

1. Day 372 at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

On August 4, 2009, I conducted Day 372 of the visibilities at the Destroyed Nesting Area of the Charles River White Geese.

We have updated our flier and distributed it in other locations. This was the first distribution at the Destroyed Nesting Area. It was quite a hot day. I was forced to give up because of the heat earlier than I would have like to.

Response, as usual, was quite good. Drivers waved support or pulled over to get fliers. One lady grabbed everything in my hand. I ran after her to get the excess. She asked to keep at least two and, in retrospect, I regret that she may have intended to put them all to good use.

The issues which people who spoke with me were most concerned about were:

a. The heartless abuse aimed directly at the Charles River White Geese, starving them, the forthcoming destruction of three quarters of the tiny area to which they have been sequestered, and I could go on, as I have repeatedly.

b. The ongoing poisoning of Magazine Beach.

c. The soon to come destruction of hundreds of trees on Memorial Drive using Obama moneys.

The last issue has expanded the base of concerned people. Visitors have considered the animal abuse and environmental destruction to be local issues. With Mr. Obama paying for the needless destruction of hundreds of healthy trees, the visitors get interested.

I would be happy to provide electronic masters of the new flier to anybody who wants to distribute them. My printer gets more per page than most printers, however, so it might be necessary to provide hard copies for local reprinting. Contact me at

One side of the flier concentrates on Charles River issues and gives contact information for a bunch of bad people including the governor and the president. The other goes into reality in Cambridge in sharp contrast to lies put out by these people that they are pro-environment. We live by the definition of “environmentalism” which reflects reality, in sharp contrast to the Cambridge Pols.

This is a really rotten situation.

2. Heartless Animal Abuser Explains her vote against Zoo Animals.

The local State Representative, Martha Walz is one of the most visible among the heartless animal abusers and destroyers of the Charles River Environment.

She has an op ed posted on the Cambridge Chronicle’s blog explaining her vote against replacing zoo funding vetoed by the environmentally destructive Governor Patrick. Presumably, her comments will be printed in tomorrow’s hard copy.

She got a lot of letters objecting to the anti-animal vote. She "explains," spouting about human needs.

I have responded on line.

The exchange may be read at:

My response is extensive. It starts with:


I recall a supporter of the heartless animal abuse ongoing on the Charles River getting very indignant about my objection to the heartless animal abuse. She claimed that heartless animal abuse is somehow acceptable from pols in Cambridge because they are so great on civil rights.

The judge in Monteiro called the city reprehensible on civil rights. A lot of people throughout the country have used similar words about Gatesgate.


Needless to say, Walz’s explanation parallels the argument of her fellow heartless animal abusers.

I follow up with details on Walz’s expenditures on destruction. Among other things, I have yet to hear her or her accomplices tell how many times per decade or per century, the fancy drainage system at Magazine Beach will be overwhelmed and their needless poisons flow into the Charles.

I could go on and on. I have repeatedly.

3. Addendum. Full text of response.

I recall a supporter of the heartless animal abuse ongoing on the Charles River getting very indignant about my objection to the heartless animal abuse. She claimed that heartless animal abuse is somehow acceptable from pols in Cambridge because they are so great on civil rights.

The judge in Monteiro called the city reprehensible on civil rights. A lot of people throughout the country have used similar words about Gatesgate.

On the Charles River, Representative Walz friends at the Department of Conservation and Recreation recently bragged to the Cambridge Conservation Commission that they are getting apparently millions of dollars in Obama money. Why? City and state plans call for the accumulated destruction of more than 449 to 660 healthy trees on the Cambridge side of the Charles River from Magazine Beach to the Longfellow Bridge. Obama is soon to pay for destruction of hundreds of trees along Memorial Drive because those trees do not appear on 19th Century plans for what was then a tidal wetlands.

Walz and Obama include in their destruction, destruction of EVERY cherry tree because cherry trees are not the in tree this week. Even knee jerk supporters of their ongoing outrages have problems with that one, or, at least, one very visible supporter objected to their insistence on destroying the cherry trees at the CCC meeting.

Walzs friends at the DCR are in the process of destroying all life living on or visiting the Charles River below the Watertown Dam.

Half the environmental destruction associated with the BU Bridge repairs is for staging that belongs under Memorial Drive. But this would be highly destructive to the Charles River White Geese, so . . .

The DCR, on an annual basis, poisons every egg of waterfowl it can get away with. The DCR, twice a year, chops down all protective vegetation lining the Charles River and needed for waterfowl migration. There is an exception. That exception is the bizarre wall of vegetation introduced at Magazine Beach in place of wetlands. DCRs key manager has bragged that this bizarre wall of vegetation starves the Charles River White Geese. The DCRs cheerleaders have conducted a swim in bragging that walling off Magazine Beach from the Charles helps swimming in the Charles River.

The DCR and Cambridge, with Walzs cheerleading, are conducting an ongoing an very destructing project at Magazine Beach. Neutral observers could never understand why anybody would want to improve Magazine Beach, and Walzs project proceeds, it is very clear just how bizarre the project is.

These environmentalists are dumping poisons on Magazine Beach to replace the GREEN maintenance that existed there for most of a century.

To keep these totally unneeded poisons from going into the Charles, they are spending a significant amount of money with a fancy drainage system. They could care less about the folly of such a system, and they have not announced the projected times per decade or century that they totally unnecessary poisons will overflow into the Charles anyway.

The drainage system REDUCES the recreational area available at Magazine Beach. It takes up space.

So the system to take off totally unnecessary poisons results in less recreation area than we had in the first place.

And, of course, the poison will poison waterfowl eating there, but the DCR is working to destroy them anyway.

And, of course, the poison will poison humans playing there, but the DCR is doing its best.

I could go on and on.

Walz is most definitely not the only person with very filthy hands destroying the environment in Cambridge.

Walz is making lovely noises about animals and funding concerning animals.

It is fascinating how massive wastes of money which harm animals and harm the environment are acceptable to her.

4. Summary.

Cambridge, MA has really rotten politics made all the more rotten by the holier than thou nonsense the pols dress their outrageous behavior in.