Sunday, January 18, 2009

Archie Mazmanian on Urban Ring Public Meeting

Bob La Trémouille reports:

Archie Mazmanian of Brookline has passed on the following email sent to Ned Codd, the Urban Ring project Manager on Friday, January 16. Some apparently electronic errors creeped into the version he passed on. I have cleaned them up. The January 6 meeting was the official public hearing on Urban Ring project. It was conducted in Government Center in Downtown Boston. It was a small to moderate sized meeting room, and it was filled. Regina Villa is the consultant.

The Light Rail on Washington Street refers to Washington Street in Boston’s South End and Roxbury neighborhoods. This neighborhood lost Orange Line heavy rail service in the 1980’s with lovely promises of replacement. That replacement turned out to be fancy buses.

RE: Jan. 6, 2009 Public Hearing Comments Transcript


I assume my earlier request to Regina Villa was passed on to you. I have been linking to EOT's Urban Ring website to see if the transcript has been posted. Will the transcript be posted and if so timely well prior to the Feb. 10th close of public comments? The extent of comments at this public hearing was far greater than at the CAC meetings, most of which I attended. You may recall my repeated statements over the past several years that there was lacking a ground-up support for Phase 2 demonstrated either at CAC meetings or in the media. This was demonstrated at this public hearing. In contrast, there was substantial ground-up support for light rail on Washington St. but not for BRT.

Archie Mazmanian