Saturday, July 27, 2019

Update from the Magazine Beach playing fields.

Update from the Magazine Beach playing fields.

1. Phil’s Report.
2. Response to “Defending against Invasives.”
3. Photos from the file:

1. Phil’s Report.

Phil reports on the destruction on the playing fields from a few days ago:

I went over there today, now that it’s finally cooler. They’re working on the patio around the Magazine, don’t see any further tampering with the greenery.

The reeds are lush and full, seven feet high now, and the playing fields are dry, with the reeds at work sucking up the moisture. I notice what I think is yet another unintended consequence of last year’s reed destruction. By turning the denuded swale into a bog they created the perfect environment for Purple Loosestrife, which prefers marshy soils. This is considered a major “invasive” (though in fact it’s a handsome tall wildflower with spikes of purple flowers) and I’ve been on the lookout for it for years. Until now there were just a few of them here and there but now there are dense stands where the waterlogged areas were. I image the seeds from the few plants took root well and have spread.

The rabbits are also back in the swale now that it is dry again.

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Here is Phil’s most recent photo:

2. Response to “Defending against Invasives.”

The con artists’ biggest lie in support of their destruction is that they are destroying “invasives”.

Here is Phil’s summary of relevant reports:

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The Troubles of “Invasive” Plants: Collateral Damage, Monsanto, and the Tragedy of Pinyon-Juniper eradication it's at

And another

Environmental activists claim “misguided war” on invasive plants is big business for Monsanto, glyphosate

One more

Ending The Toxic, Costly and Unnecessary War On Invasive Plants: Who Does The War Serve?

This is also interesting in a horrifying way:

Monsanto Roundup Is Used on Wildlands, but No One Knows How Much
Monsanto's herbicide incorporates a known carcinogen that is banned in the EU and elsewhere

California jury hits Bayer with $2 billion award in Roundup cancer trial

3. Photos from the file:

Here is the situation when the Cambridge City Council’s “kind of activist” inflicted the destruction that is now regrown.

And here is algae growth from blocking the drainage. [Phil Barber]